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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Brain just aynt what it usta be

For those that arent wondering I seem to have a bit of an insane creative streak, which unfortunatly runs into my normal life.
There are loads of books and concepts that exsist that say we have to be nice to customers, we should do the books like this, fileing should be done this way, words should be spelled this way, things should be done that way.
Well I didnt read any of those books, they got boring really quickly.
Ive allways done things how i feel they should be done and Im allways going to.
Any one reading "Here in koa" at the moment and trying to work out where its going well tough, its going where its going and it will get there when it gets there.
I know it looks like a book and I know I said I was writting a book, but its kind of becoming a little mini written series.
I know 200 to 500 words a section isnt a book, its a lot of stories converging on one point.

Not what Im babbling about here, was just the way my mind was going, I was actualy going to go on about my job and humans and generaly bitch about the level of the economics system with in the world at the moment, I just though Id plug my web site mid rant.

Though Im now giggling at a talking goldfish in a bowl falling down a water sldie, My mind wil not focus on one thing at the moment, see the brains walking around going look there seems to be more intresting over there, am I a cat?

Im not a cat, paws keys messy.

I think Im generally just trying to get thoughts out at the moment, just not overly easy when you dont have interaction. Like to babble and reply to see where Im babbling too, think this is probably why I dont blog, (Im going with 1 g) its the non instant interaction.

Any way yeah I think we get where this is ment to be going. Or demonstrating.
I dont want to label posts do I?

Some one answer my questions damn it.

Back to twittering, Oh the wondrefull thign about twi..................................