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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Fire in the eyes

So some times my brain ends up working for me, some times agasint me.
I just ripped to bits an insurance company.
I got asked for an interview, I went for said interview.
I seemed to be interviewing them more than them interviewing me.
So he suggested i had a hair cut. "not happening"
Any way this goes on for about 40 minutes, few attempts to get into my head. "Failed"
Decides to show me the company slide show.
Mistake I start picking the company to bits, the figures dont work, the payment system is well wrong, and this goes on and on, so I can now see him starting to question the company. Really if your going to interview me then you need to know every thing about your company backwards, even what the small print thats nearly impossible to read says, becasue before i go into that interview I will know every thing there is to know about the way the company works.
I got a coffee and got to see some one I hadnt seen in years.
I dont want to sell insurance, I did need the practise in interview, I wasnt in a suit "no way" I got to watch the other guy he was interviewing "looked so nervous"
Once more back to the many guides to doing things, and guess what I dont do a thing by the book.
My brain works so differently now to the book its becoming intresting to watch people working by it.
The only thing the book dont teach you is to adapt and guess what you have to adapt to deal with me.