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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Mind Control

I know odd title for what im going to talk about.
This is a look at all sorts of things with in a group idea.
As some one attempting to be a war games writter / designer and working on my own constantly its one of them questions I often ask myself.
Is it worth doing?
Well I enjoy getting my mind out of my head and into words so the writring side I do enjoy.
The sculpting side well Im still learning, and while scenary concept work is simple, the actual building of a design in my head is not so easy.
Ive been playing for years with plastercine and for the last few years working with many different forms of model building materials, green stuff, brown stuff, milliput, fimo, and now procreate, each gives very different finishs and are better for different things.
Though thats not the issue, Im still training to sculpt and as such I dont like my work, I look at people that have been sculpting for years and I go WOW alot. Thats because they make some amazing looking figures.
Now this isnt a major problem, im getting better every day and I find new ideas coming out and my models once more move further and further away from what people expect them to be.
Now this is the hard part, you see with my vision being so far away from what every one expects them to be, your fighting against a tide of gamers that only play certain brands of games and as such these games are pretty much set in stone for concepts. Exampls, Dwarfs are bearded short beings, Trolls are massive ugly viscious things, Elves should be thin and beutiful, and humans well there human.
Im hoping your understanding what Im on about here.
So the question possed as on many gaming sites at the moment is how do you get people to play games that they dont play, how do you move people into some thing new.
I know a few people do play several games and I also understand that due to costs and so on some people can only afford play maybe one game.
As allways though i have to ask what do people want in a table top war game?
Thats in my head today.