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Sunday, 20 December 2009


Thats about all.
My Brain is failing.
Its one of them days.
As I am the world in my head is forever spinning, things appear things travel idea's come.
Concepts rise and fall.
Illogical thoughs, logical thoughs, destruction of things we know reimagining of things we dont.
My brain wont work.
There is just a void of nothing.
I dont like nothing.
I dont like not being able to think.

Today I have lost faith in the human race once more.
I have watched what is to come, I have seen what has been.
I lose the grasp once more on the species that I am once more becoming ashamed to be part of.

Snow's nice though. Makes a change from the heat.

Madness, sainity, logic, digression, interaction, transformation, completetion, design, reissue, rebuild, calculate, amend, align, destroy, create, faith, hope, light, truth, lies, fantasy, reality.

Words all word that bring may things to us all. Though not all bring many things to some.


Is it time to give in?
Is it time to carry on?
Is it time to move along?
Is it time to think?
Is it time to STOP?

Questions, quiestions mumbles from some where.