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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Something I may never get to do.
I know i write alot of games, I design the mechanics, I work out back grounds, I play with different concepts and idea's and I do this on a fairly regular basis, Ive written mini books around idea's i have come up with drawn art work and built many many different 3D models to give me an idea to play with, and this is more for me to see what I'm working on more than to share.
So I have several table tops on the go at the moment, 1 based before man, 1 based after man and 1 thats based on movies.
But what Id like to do, and this is slightly insane and im doubting any company will ever back me on this is a table top on PC, and Im not talking dawn of war, or bloodbowl, Im talking a true table top on PC. One where you see the dice roll, get to master your models, some thing along the lines of spore, but so very different.
Tha ability to take component parts and put them together, colour them how you want them, and then put them into a game world, where you get to fight against computer laid opponents. Or even the possibility of a RTS which you take your forces and build them but having a multi player option to allow you to do this.
I dont know, I still dont know if any one would drag me into do this or even assist in me doing this, unfortunatly this is one of them paths Im going to have to go down the road on my own with and try and sell myself in order to do it.
Unfortunatly I feel I am going to have to learn to sell myself more and belive in myself and my products.