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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Panic, Shock or Awe?

Did I do the right thing.
Did I ge it wrong.
Did I not ask the write questions.
Did I say the wrong thing.
Its all speculation.
Words make me think one thing but other words make me think others.
I dont know if I got the job.
Above all I hope I have. I dont know if i have, been playing my cards close to my chest.
Locked up so much at the moment, I felt comfortable dont think I screwed up in there.
But lets be honest it only takes one badly thought out sentence.
Only takes one word out of place or one small body language.

I seen to have made a lot of bad choices of late.
I seem to have made snap decissions not used logic and got things wrong.
I think I could have been doing that for a while now.

Though I look back on hind sight and there is not a single thing I would have done different.
Not a single thing I would have said, and not a word that has passed my lips has been a lie.

I hope that I get to start over and I ge to where I want to be.
I dont want to run a scalextric site.
I dont want to go back into IT.
I dont want to go back to being retail.

I just want to work and do a good job and hope people are happy with what I do.

An I hope that I make the right decisions in the future about every thing else in my life.