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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Never confused when I'm lost.

I'm not overly lost or confused.
Never been one to lose my way.
Never understood much about me.
Don't understand and cant seem to work out why some things affect me how they do.
Once more I'm babbling to myself once more on here.
As always this is for me not for you.
Just to allow me to try and make sense of my babbling mind.

My friends are dear to me and always are.
Being so few people in my life I trust or rely on.
Sometimes you just have to realise that some of these people you should never have let in.

Though once more as always they cant see what they have done or are doing.

As always there is one I rely on.

As always there is one I cant seem to help.

Of course that is one that just fails to understand.

So I appear to be once more lost and alone though I'm not lost or alone.

My mind race's around with possibilities and different persona's and personalities as it always has.

Though the truth of it all the only person I'm actually failing as always is myself.

And before I start being informed I am good enough blah blah blah, please realise at the moment I am not. at this moment I don't have writers block, I don't seem to have lost my creative edge, I just don't have the want to do it.

I don't think its because I'm not good enough, I don't think its because I can't. I just don't want too.

As I just feel I'm wasting my time once more in my choices of what I am attempting to do. Which in turn leads me back to feeling like I'm failing myself.

Anger always turns inwards with me.