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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Still Fallen013

I will always be Fallen its my nickname, has been for as long as I can remember, Will Always be known as Fallen013 on-line, once more have been for as long as I can remember.
But its time to move on a bit and try to move forward so no more hiding behind my Nickname, My real name now is in the open, this may bother a few knowing how much I have guarded my secrecy for so long, but its a changing age and I guess we have to move with the times, with all the social sites now in existence where you can't hide behind your character any more it was time to bring myself up to date. So for the first time ever for me on-line.

Hi, my name's David, but I prefer Dave personally. My friends call me Fallen, its a long story and I don't feel like telling it at the moment.
I manage Scalextric Racing, a shop and slot car centre owned by Electric Tracks Ltd, I also write table top war games, I sculpt, I draw and I play a lot of video games. I am forever trying to learn new things and advance my own knowledge and I study stuff for fun just to expand my mind. I have a keen interest in science and history, though mainly really old history.
I have worked for Games Workshop as a shop assistant with the dream of one day working as a designer which was never achieved. Which is possibly why I set up FINAL EARTH.
I design the odd web site and I used to build PCs on the side of my main job, I lost interest in IT a long time ago though.
I am good at my job though I will often declare I hate it, and its true I do not enjoy my job but I am good at it according to everyone I know.
I work stupid hours, I am meant to get Mondays off but its rare.
On average I take 12 days holiday a year and I get 3 to 4 days off a year for religious reasons, Christmas, Boxing day, the day after, and Easter. The normal 12 days I get are around the Download Rock Festival, held at Donington park every June, it is the only real weekend off I do get every year.

I own my home, I drive, so these are all good things. I live alone with 2 cats who are coming up to 10 years old they are from the same litter but they are completely different.

I play PC games though I mainly use my laptop now a days to work on different projects.
I play on my Xbox 360 possibly too much.
I am an avid RPG player and real-time strategy gamer.
I like Rock music, I like to have vocals and lyrics I can understand and sing along too though, not such a fan of the screamy growly stuff, but I do enjoy the recent slipknot albums, though still having some problems really getting into Stone Sour Audio Secrecy.

I am nearly 33 years old and have never felt I know who I really am. I often try as hard as I can but never get where I want to be.
I lack an ego and with this confidence as well.
I like to have time to myself and I do enjoy the company of my small group of friends from time to time, most of which I do think though are my friends never really understand exactly what I am going to do next as I have a habit of just keeping things to myself and not letting people in.

I'm writing this as I don't know maybe its time to try and gain an ego, try and let the world see who I actually am instead of hiding behind a very old character I became in the early days of the internet. Though the character and the person are one and the same. What is in a name a rose by any other would still smell like a rose.

I try to be funny, I seem to have a Dad sense of humour from time to time and other times I am just overly sarcastic and everyone finds it funny. I spot things in people very quickly. I make decisions with in seconds if I like someone or I don't. An once my brain has decided something it is very hard to change it. I have forgiven people I am friends with for pretty much anything, but if I didn't like you to start with expect the grudge to last a life time.

I have a dark sense of humour, I also have a light sense of humour.

I feel old for my age, but then I have been learning for a long time and sometimes it shows.

I come up with some completely random idea's, an sayings at some of the most random of moments.

I am babbling I do that too, was just sat here trying to say okay so you think you know me, but you don't, well somebody does. But most of you have no idea who I really am.

To be honest that was all I have to say for now.