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Friday, 25 November 2011

two, 2, too, to, no no no Two years! possibly needing more lemon pledge.

WOW I have actually been using a blog I never thought I would use for 2 years.
After rereading I do that from time to time my first blog, I seem to have predicted my own blogs in a round about way.
I have destroyed a company, I have bitched about people and had a go about governments.
So what's the next two years holding...............
I shall possibly learn to spell, and stop relying on Chrome's auto correct.
I shall continue to bitch about my job.
I shall let out more information about me.
An I am sure at some point I will jump on a soap box and go off like a fire cracker, with less bang than a twopenny sparkler.
I am sure I was trying to do something important before writing this. .. ... .. . .. . .
Oh yeah 11am start 11pm finish day in the cold shed of doom, and a really hectic 3pm till 11pm.
no wasn't that.....