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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Its just one of those days..........

It's actually a good day, don't know why just seems to be working. Every thing is going wrong, nothing is working out, every bit of code I write breaks, every design I put together fails and its all going terribly wrong.
But I still have a smile on my face and I'm still trying. 
Though I am also trying to get my head around doing a new portfolio site, I keep wandering the internet for inspiration and all I keep finding is the same layout, with different graphics and colours.
My head is screaming at me to do one like every one else and I don't want to. I want to be me, I want to put my navigation menu in the wrong place, I want to put my art work in different places, I Want to use Edge not Flash, and I Want to do things my way.
So why can't I. An why don't I care?
Plus do I Want an overly complicated animated web site that says Hi I am me and this is what I do and you can have me do it too if you ask nicely?
Probably not. My skills are a little wide spread, jack of all master of non. 
Not true I cant do brain surgery, though give me a manual and a couple of hours to study and I probably would get fairly close. Or not, that is some serious skill just there trying to get a very tiny nerve ending and blood vessels to go in the right direction while working through a hole the size of a penny. I know nothing of brain surgery, they might still remove half the cranium and work that way. I don't know just like the idea that they use the little camera on a rope to do it all now a days, for the life of me I can't remember what its called, I'm sure it will come back to me.
Any how, digressing there was a point to this blog, which is.......... Oh yes portfolio sites, and them all looking the same. Surely the idea of being an individual and doing things your own way is the way forward?
Lots of questions in this one isn't there.... Anyone going to answer them?
So as I am trying to BREAK STUFF, yeah that be where the title comes from did you guess?
I shall stand and say yes I am rebuilding my portfolio site using Adobe Edge & Dreamweaver and I have been reading and looking at what makes a good portfolio site, while agreeing with a fair bit of it there are still a couple of things I don't agree with but that isn't really that important. 
My issue is do they all have to be the same layout?
Actually that's wrong. It is more a case now I think about it that it suggests linking in twitter and facebook and blogs so people can get an idea about who you are more. My Twitter and my Blog are more just random bits and pieces and me well being me, and not much of a consideration towards my work, or anything. I don't have facebook, I don't need the world and its partner needing to know what I am doing or when I am doing it, though I use twitter. Which is normally mad rants or posted works in progress. I should stop here I'm babbling..... Ooooh Endoscope.