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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I Wasn't going to blog today

I wasn't going to blog today but a conversation with a friend which turned into her asking a question. What is Love? So I replied with this. An I thought I should share it because this to me is what love is. I know its old fashioned and daft but it's just what it is in my head and I only found it once. I lost it once as well.

What is Love.

To me. It's missing someone 5 seconds after they walked out the door.
Its being able to talk to that person about everything and anything.
Its about not noticing the bad things and adoring the good things.
It's knowing its a bad day but that smile you see when you walk in will be there.
Its knowing that the person next to you in bed is dreaming of you as you will be of them.
Its understanding.
Its helping.
Its caring.
Feeling how they feel and just knowing they aren't okay.
Feeling how they feel and just knowing they are great.
The spark of electricity that runs across your lips as they touch.
Fancying the fuck out of them above all others.
Realising they are beautiful even if they have had a bad day and think they look a mess.
Seeing them shine as they stand in front of you in a darkened room.

It's not finishing sentences, it's not working out what they want. Its knowing what they want.
Its being caught by surprise and not expecting things. 
It's being happy and safe in knowing that they feel the same for you.
And above all else and the one thing its the knowing you don't want anyone else.