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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

PLAN! Nope not really just self promotion

Hello WORLD!
Yes its a big place and you come from all other to see what is on people's minds.
Today my mind is on District. An the design and layout of the game manual.
Though it is also on the possibility of new and exciting IP's, new and possible Game Systems and the ever expanding worlds I have in my head. 

So this is my shout out to the guys in charge of so many companies, tabletop games designers, computer games designers, writers, artists, and anyone that wants to come and play with me and my imagination.

I can not do this all alone, I am one man and I need backing, I need a team and I need someone to come and help me explore my mind and create this dream.

I'm not a struggling designer, I am not struggling to design I can build things in my head and get them out in front of me, I just lack the outlet to get things into the real world.

So world, come on and give me that shot, you want to take the risks you used to take and create something new, interesting and not just the same thing hashed over with a new skin and a new design. While we still pay for every call of duty knock off, every Simcity possibility and lets be honest I was going to say Lara Croft, but we all know the Prince of Persia came first adventure game it don't mean that we don't want something new. We always want something new.

So come and take a look at what I have to offer. It isn't all here there is a lot in my head, just need a direction and someone to believe in my work as strongly as I do. An I do believe in my work. 

So check out the portfolio, wander through my words, and my worlds, then come and find me. Because if you believe in what I can do and what I have to offer then I am going to believe in you.