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Monday, 21 October 2013

Blog Of Angry Creation An you probably won't like it.

Old people. I have nothing against old people, I deal with them and the grandkids on many different occasions with my day job, most are nice, some are interesting they like to talk, can be interesting, odd one is grumpy but thats rare. Yet today I got a barrage of abuse from an old bloke in the street!
Just started shouting and screaming and swearing at me and berating me.

Now this sounds bad and to be honest anyone verbally abusing someone is. There is no need for it we are all different, though the reason he was shouting at me was because I was smoking!
Now I know smoking is a bad habit, it is bad for your health and it causes loads of issues with health and wellbeing over time. I have a multitude of reasons for smoking.
I'm addicted, the nicotine actually helps my brain from collapsing, the poisons slow me down, it allows me to focus, stops me getting irritated and generally it's my choice of suicide.

I am in no way saying smoking is good for you, or being an advocate for smoking. It is a disgusting habit and it makes your clothes smell, your fingers, skin and teeth go yellow. It can cause issues with breathing and with your entire respiratory system.

Yet being a sufferer of a brain injury and having some memory issues, I have been following a lot of the research on nicotine, how it affects brain structure, the way it has been used to slow the effects of certain illnesses with in the brain.

Plus when I am not smoking my brain goes a million miles a second and I end up with way to much energy to ever sleep and other problems, so yes I am poisoning myself in order to slow me down.

So getting berrated by an old man who was on the opposite side of the road then crossed over to actually have a go at me face to face yeah. Slightly angry about that. What was even worse I was moving, it was raining, and I was heading to the bin to throw the butt away! So wasn't even going to be littering!

I shall admit I have been having a bit of an on off time with electric substitutes, I went a whole year only using the liquids, an well you know what happened that sent me over the edge. We don't need to go back over that. Now the electrics I can deal with, but then there comes the problem, yes it means I am getting the nicotine which keeps my brain in check, now here is the downside, my body speeds up. I start to think faster, I gain more energy and I end up not sleeping for days, which is really not good for my health in the first place. But the biggest problem I have is once I start with the electric I go through so much liquid so quickly. I just don't put it down it is there it is in front of me, while with a cigarette I will have one and then maybe a couple of hours later another one and it don't bother me. Yet with the electric it is a constantly being used thing.

This was originally about the old bloke being a self righteous abusive person which just lets me lose more faith in this world. An it ended up being about well that, so you probably won;t like it, but seriously were all human and we all have our own lives our own reasons for doing certain things in it, sometimes it helps if you remember that. An don't turn into a ageing idiot that cares about no one but themselves and goes out of there way and seriously he went out of his way he was up wind from me and on the opposite side of the road. He deliberately came over to start on me and tell me that he could smell it, in rain with the wind blowing in the opposite direction! really! Wow thats impressive to say I had finished it before you appeared and was throwing the butt in the bin!

Wish I could remember exactly what I was going to write here when I started planning this blog earlier!