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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Have I done a this is the way I write post yet?

This is possibly the hardest blog I am ever going to write.
Not because of the content or emotional values or anything like that.
But because I am trying to write it without letting myself do my normal writing style in order to try and show the world how my head works when I am writing in general.

Anyone that reads my blogs can clearly see that from time to time I just go sideways. Things vere off in random directions and I have to try and bring myself back to the topic. Also some times my blogs just stop.

The reason for this and I think this is one of my more fun quirks is that I just write. Once my head decides what it wants to talk about I type and type and if I don't get stopped I will complete whatever it is I am doing as my mind is focused on what I am writing.

I am trying to write this by breaking up my concentration. So that I don't just write what I Would normally do, So I am doing my spelling checking my grammar and adjusting things so they fit. This is most unusual for me I type so quickly when I begin  an idea and just let it flow and anyone paying attention will see where train of thought gets broken as it says earlier the blog just stops or goes back on topic briefly but isn't as well written of creative as the initial build up.

So This is how my head works I just type and what comes out comes out and then I leave it spelling errors and all. I have done this blog before but its always fun to go over things again and again repetition is the way of life hahahahaha.

So many things running around in my skull today though most are never to be written down.

Just a wonder on how the world writes what they do, I guess as we are all different some of us have well structured notes and ideas, and some of us well some of us just ramble.