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Friday, 18 October 2013

Still amazes me...

I waffle I babble I never really throw anything coherent together.
I sling up random poems, I place random half cocked story idea's I am kicking about.
I do all manner of things in here but I do mainly use it as a diary, yes I know I should write it in a book and hide it away but I don't I type it out post it, leave it remove it, repost it and it all goes round in circles.
Yet I still get so many hits. Stupid amount of hits to say I have so few followers.
I don't get it. Some of the stuff I write seriously I just start typing and words come out I don't even know what I am typing till I have finished and read it back, then a week later gone back and fixed the spelling.
Yes sometimes it takes me a week to decide to go and proof read what I posted.
Rare I get comments though, but you know thanks for reading any way.
This really is just a dumping ground for stuff in my head and trying to work out what, who and why I am.
Nothing more.