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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Thursday. Really! (Don't get excited this won't be that profound)

So, I am as usual sat at my desk in the office of work, doing that thing I do where I open up all the job web sites and start trawling through the last weeks posts just seeing what is going to jump up and bite me, for use of a better term or metaphor.
As always I sit and I clank away ignoring jobs in LONDON as I really don't want the 2 hour commute every morning and I don't fancy moving down there either. Too busy, now don't get me wrong I like busy it makes the day go faster and things move on I just don't like busy streets, hectic traffic, sitting on a train for an hour, paying the extortionate rail fare prices or doing a 14 hour work day to do 8 hours work.
An yes all the creative jobs are down south and all the best paid jobs are down there too, if you want to get any where in the games, I.T, design industry you should be in the capital as that is where everyone is. An there is the thing, I don't. I want to find a job I enjoy, work to live not live to work mentality I have developed over the last few years. The want to spend time with family and friends, enjoy maybe the odd nicer thing in life.
Find someone to enjoy this all with and I don't know build my own family and world.

Yet I am sat here once more in an office that I designed, in a company I don't own but I built trying to find a new job. An once more I am sending out emails to everyone that I think yeah I can do that, before actually reading they want this degree that degree and half a dozen other bits of paper I don't have.

Trying to be creative and get noticed as you do, planning my portfolio rebuild and just looking for the light at the end of a tunnel.

So East Midlands, what is it known for, well food, we produce a lot of food round here.
Yet as I am reasonably educated, skilled in some very random area's and everyone thinks I will get bored and move on before they finish training me I can't even get a job in a factory. Yep even been turned down for that! Thankfully I know the HR person and she gave me the exact reason they wouldn't hire me and its above. She didn't sugar coat it she just said look Dave you are creative and get fed up quickly you wouldn't last a week it is pointless us hiring you to replace you pretty much as you walk through the door because you walked out as you were bored.

An there we go, this is the main issue I have with finding work. Several other places have said this to me to. They think the job is beneath me as so I wouldn't hang around long enough for it to be worth their time.

Yet no one understands that I want to work, an I don't care what the job is as long as I get paid for what I do. Get the holidays I am entitled to and treated as a member of the team.

This is why I am still sat in this office now. This is why I am still with the company I am with, earning less than minimum wage and working 6 days a week. I could have packed this in and started looking for work from an unemployed point of view. Would have been better for my mental state and for my health, yet the urge to work is what drives me to stay here and try and find a new job while I am here.

Yes this job has ruined my life, it has cost me everything I hold dear and left me alone which has affected my social skills a little but I am still trying to escape and expand into something more but I do have a job an that in itself keeps me alive to reclaim these skills and find that little place of heaven I want to belong to.

In the words of Winston Churchill. "We shall never give up We shall never surrender"