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Friday, 18 October 2013

Want to know a secret? There are so many....

You. All. Made me.
Yep all of you every single one of you.
We all know I don't know who I am and never truly have done.
All I ever did was listen and tell you how my head saw it.
What laid in front what laid behind where the paths would go and what would be created.
I got most of it right I got some of it wrong.
I lived by rules well those rules got broken, they had to be they didn't always work.
Things changed, I didn't.
You cannot kill what you did not create.
An so many of you created me.
No one person is responsible for what I am perceived to be.
One of you named me and I have kept that name all these years.
One of you declared me the last Dark Angel and you know what I still am.
One of you showed me how to use my mind well beyond its abilities and see all possibilities.
One of you made me stand up for myself.
One of you taught me to be nice.
One of you taught me to be nasty.
One of you showed me the way to get what I wanted.
One of you showed me to be patient.
All of you showed me love.
One of you made me feel it.
You broke me down you built me up but not one of you can stop me.
You all have to work together and you don't know each other.
But then not one of you wants to hurt me as I am in your hearts as I always have been as I was your friend. I still am. You just have to find me.
I found all of you.
I watched over you and stayed in the shadows making sure you were okay.
I stopped doing that, why because you didn't need me any more.
You gained lives and worlds and I am so happy for all of you.

Me though, I am still here, crazy as always, seeing everything and nothing simultaneously.

An as my mind is my own at the moment and focused in a way that has been missing of late and I am not guaranteeing my mind will stay focused for long or in the right frame I wish to thank you all for creating me.

Now all I need to do is work out who I upset and get my life back on track into it's correct path and right orbit. An out of the hell I am in. So I can once more become strong, become stable and come after you.

Oh you know who you are and you know where I am and you'll wait, we always do.