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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Chasing Unicorns.

Oh look its Thursday, what a surprise! Okay so maybe not, I do seem to do this thing where I write some kind of diary or random thoughts in my skull on Thursdays.

Today it's what I mean by chasing unicorns.
It is a double metaphor really, I am looking for the perfect job the right one the one that will hire me and take me on and let me do what it is I am meant to do, give me the freedom to have a life and be at peace with myself, settle down, have time to spend with a partner and maybe a family.

It's also about the search for the right partner. Some one that is my friend and talks to me as I talk to them about everything and anything, someone that I am comfortable around as they are around me and someone that I make as happy as they make me.

The partner thing, well there is the bigger of the problems, I have always thought you only get one soul mate, one person that matches you perfectly, once person that you can hear in your head and in your heart. An well I lost that. So now It is a case of chasing the Unicorn. Why? Well if there is more than one I won't be happy unless I have that one. An I'd like to be happy again.

Once you have had perfection, no matter how imperfect the person is, it's hard to find that spark in anyone else.

The job thing, well one day I will get the words right on that covering letter, my CV will be exactly what the company is looking for and I will have that job, someone will take the risk and it will be the best risk they ever took.

As for Unicorns, well I found this below.

According to Noah Webster, back in the early 1800’s it was understood that there were two species of the rhinoceros. The one-horned species was called “unicorn,” and the two-horned species was called “bicornis.”
Today it is understood that there are five species of the rhinoceros, three of which have two horns, and two of which have one horn.
So basically, if you get a 200-year-old Noah Webster’s dictionary and look up the word “unicorn” it says “rhinoceros,” and if you look up the word “rhinoceros” it says “unicorn.” That was just 200 years ago. The King James was translated 400 years ago in 1611. One does not have to be good at math to figure this out.
Today’s definition of the word “unicorn” says absolutely nothing about a rhinoceros, and today’s definition of “rhinoceros” says absolutely nothing about a unicorn. The definitions have changed over time.
So, if the definition of “unicorn” has changed in just the past 200 years from rhinoceros to horse, then it doesn't make much sense to take a modern definition of the word “unicorn” and apply it to a 400-year-old translation of the Bible. That’s illogical.

Yes I know I used a creation today post.
It just shows that its possibly not mythical, just bad translation.
That in itself is another metaphor.