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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Ramblings of an Insane Mind

I ramble, I do, as I journey through my mind, through my past, through my future, through the images which form and the visions they bring. The probabilities the possibilities the way things form the way they scream the silence of my head and the darkest parts of my subconscious.

Why the blog?
To converse with me as I have no one to talk to about the things in my head.

An there is so much in here, from emotional stuff, to idea's and thoughts for things, to just reviewing the world, failing to understand and just my daily journey through life in general.

Some is relevant, some is irrelevant, some is hypothetical, some is just pathetic, though all is what wanders within my mind.

As I try to find my way through my life. A lot of my world is a mystery to me, I'm a little socially backwards.
Though that is my world, spent so long working alone, and being alone my social skills have been a little stunted I guess. Though I am hoping if I can find a new job my social ability will return as I am able to become more social.

I myself know I have become quite lost within my own world, trying to make sense of everything. A wish for simpler times, well if you've been reading my exploits over the last few weeks you might be able to see what I mean.

My moods come and go, change and alter, I wander between depression and hyperactivity a fair bit, yet I do wonder how much of the hyper side I actually fake.

I find myself talking to people less and less, an hiding once more in shadows of my world, while I do talk to a couple of people but they are just looking out for me which is nice of them.  I am thankful to them for holding me together.

Yet it is myself that has to hold me together, I don't do such a good job.