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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Random Motion Of Thought

My motion of blogging is as random as it comes, I feel I need to say something and I type.
The words flow freely as I do, when I need to say it what I need to say, my head just goes this is what you should write this is how it should sound, this is how my random out of no where blogs are formed.

We know how I let myself go and I write, but the titles come afterwards. They are just what I feel it should be. Emotion fuels some of them, thoughts fuel the others, idea's actions but everything is just what I feel needs to be said, to who ever will read it. While you read it makes the world think, gives you direction then my words have made a difference to your world.

All of you, no one person, these are written in a hope to light the way for all.

Showing the bad, showing the good, showing what could be and what couldn't. They are general references to life, an I am not preaching to you all, though it sounds like it some days.

If it touches one person though and shows you that things are bad they can get better, things are low but can be higher, things are dark but there is light then I have done something good in this world.

I have lost my place, but I hope to find it one day once more. An as I look through the things in my head and see the world turning and the paths going forward I hope you can see the similarities in your own lives and worlds, I hope these random writings give you hope, or faith in your situations.

As I said I'm not preaching, just typing what my head wants me to say, what I feel it is time to say, what it is that goes through my fingers to this keyboard.