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Monday, 25 November 2013

So, I've been thinking about the ZBrush thing and.....

Me and ZBrush, so far all I seem to do is things I want to do, I sculpt and work on models and idea's that I want to build, maybe it's time I started looking at other things.
I know I got a request to do something for someone and while I have been working on it yeah. Will come back to that when I think I can actually talk about it.

I was just thinking maybe I should do something that everyone wants to see.
For example, a Batman model, an Ironman model, A Space Marine! No chance am I doing a damn space marine, but in general I should take someone elses idea and run with it to show I can actually do it and hate myself forever afterwards.

Conforming to fit in. Was never that great at conforming.

Thoughts people.