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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tentatively and slowly coming back to designing......

So I have been a lot lost, things seem to have balanced out a bit now and I once more kind of have a direction though it is possibly the wrong direction. But all the same I am coming to grips with my insanity and getting through the darkness of my head, been a hard slog and my usual 3 days taking me 7 to deal with wasn't helpful but I got through it and while there is still a lot of darkness in here which I am trying to hold off I am getting there. I have done a couple of new designs too! Shockingly and possibly selfishly they are both things for me, one is a concept for a new tattoo I am going to get done some time soon and the other is the outline for my next custom trench coat as I do like my coats to be custom, so a couple of things done, shall drop them in the bottom of here and see what the world thinks. Though please don't steal them.