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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Thursday again!

It's thursday once more.
How am I feeling.... Up's and down's.
What am I thinking. Still hate this job. Was a long night last night. An working on my day off just generally drag me down a bit.

So in 7 days what have I done?
Well I applied for more front end designer jobs. So am expecting to hear nothing back from them again.
I'm going to take a guess that I am just applying for the same job over and over and they just keep moving the company putting it out there and they can't find the right candidate so i just keep applying for a job that isn't there.
As a web designer, a bad one possibly I do have the ability to see who has been looking at my website via the varying levels of tracking code I have hidden within it. An I apply for jobs, get the reply, check the analytics for the week and find they never even looked.
CV's are great but helps if you actually follow the bits that show your work and ability. I'd do some amazingly awesome HTML based CV but when you are going through agencies they wouldn't even open it.
So you end up restricted to a 500kb PDF file that shows nothing, so you hope they look at the web sites it links to so they can see what you actually do. An as I get bored I reshape the site weekly.

Gig Saturday am looking forward to that, not too fussed about the 1st support band, am looking forward to hardcore superstar and Buckcherry though. Live music rocks. Get to jump up and down and sing a bit, just a few albums behind with Buckcherry though. I should possibly put the albums into the present cycle.

Load of Herenkoa Human mockups flying out of ZBrush at the moment, they have appeared in a blog on here are all over my Facebook and also twitter feeds. An if you came from one of them to here I'd be impressed as I don't like either accounts to this. Actually I don't link any of my social media to each other.
Maybe I should...... Na bad idea.

My brothers 33rd yesterday. Went to my folks to give him his birthday present. He was appreciative of it. He'll never get out of my folks place. Not for trying but because he just don't earn enough. The younger one will never leave the Folks place cause it is cheaper to live at home than on your own.

I complain I am trapped but they are to, they just accept it better I guess.

At least I am only trapped till I find a new employer.

Right back to the designing stuff, web for for the last 90 minutes of my day I guess.