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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Thursday Rummagings.

I don't know why but I am liking this thursday diary idea at the moment and might keep it up. I may not this is me after all and I have a habit of changing my mind without warning.

So today, after a massive amount of idea's running through my head about somethings I decided to open ZBrush, not been in there for months, had lost my spark and well while I am on a role of creative ideas and thoughts I decided I should run with it. My next project books to enlighten as It shall be known and The Jars are still going along smoothly though am running out of time to finish them and I haven't even started books to enlighten was just an idea last night while laying in bed trying to work out what to do.

Don't let the names make you think they are going to be something amazing or deep and meaningful they aren't they are just little projects that I have had wandering my head for a while just couldn't get level enough to actually do them. An presently I am feeling rather artistic so I am hoping this energy will get put to good use and they will be finished but there is a lot of work to do.

Job searching again as always on a thursday I don't know why job searching on thursdays seems to be what I do, but I do and it is mainly seasonal work and that is not what I want. So it's a bit of a dead end today in that respect, I'm trying to find a job that gets me out of working every single weekend. An allows me be creative as I can be and well to go from retail to retail seems like a stupid idea in my head.

I'm still a bit all over the place in my head but now that week has passed I seem to be more balanced which for me is an unusual thing. Have music playing as I wrote that brief music blog last night I have added the extra Albums into my play list, so Fortress is in there, I have added hail to the king back in but don't think anything will change my mind on that album.

My Herenkoa book carries on gaining ground, though the 4000 words or so sent to people asking if this makes sense no one has actually got back to me about and some of them have had it a very very very long time and never commented.

With the influx of kickstart and the amount of games companies appearing I am reaching the point where final gamez might go the way of the DoDo, it is becoming a saturated market out there and is it worth pushing to be a little fish in a massive ocean, or do I just keep pushing my skills and hope one of the ones that actually made it stick picks me up?

When January rolls round and the web site is due for renewal we will see, at this moment I'm thinking of saving the money and reducing myself down to one web site and letting final gamez disappear and I will just put out my work through my portfolio site for free, no models just the rules and back grounds as a promotion for myself.

Though it isn't january yet so we will have to wait and see.

Will just keep pushing on learning more and more about web design and breaking the rules of how web sites should look, layout and be.