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Monday, 30 December 2013

8 years on

So after eight years of running two web sites I am dropping it all down to one.
Will lower my work load, and give me more time to do other things.
Plus with the final earth site being part of my broadband package save me some money.
Times are hard but it's the same for every one I guess.
Am I sad to see it go, well a little. I'm more upset that I never managed to get it off the ground fully I guess.
2013 isn't over yet and it has been a fairly awful year.
So wanted to go into 2014 with a bit of a clean slate.
An removing certain things from my past is the only way forward.
It's not about giving up though that looks like what I am doing, I never give up.
I'm just changing my direction a little. Still maybe one day I'll have the money time and ability to bring back final gamez, or maybe I'll find work with a company that wants to take my ideas and run with them.
I doubt the latter to be honest but you never know, an now they are out there for everyone to see and always will be maybe this will move forward, an as its now not hanging over me to get it all finished maybe I will actually get it all finished. 
Or maybe I won't. 

2014 I hope you turn my world around. An this isn't my end of year blog as the year hasn't ended yet.