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Thursday, 26 December 2013


Odd week. Well not really, rather quiet week.
Usual work up until 2/3 on Christmas Eve, call it a day, decide what to do, go to the pub, get bored, home by midnight, sleep, get up, see family, open presents, eat meal, home, watch Dr Who.

Most years there would be rows, arguments, and all manner of things going wrong as family members throw insults at the other and you duck and cover out of the way to save your own sanity.

None of that this year, was all very nice formal and kind of dull.

Spent most of the two days off I get alone and away from everyone, just didn't really feel like I wanted to be there. Rents watch the soaps brothers vanish to their rooms. Simple enough, go home. So I did, walk back, suppose thats the bonus of living on the same road as your parents.

Back to work tomorrow. Never felt like Christmas, never does. . . . . Hope it will again one day. . . . . When the time comes to rise once more. . . . .