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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Early Thursday Post!

Got several things to do today, so diary ahoy needs to be out of the way.

So another morning of job searching, okay this week I have been doing it on and off all week as I really could do with getting my ass out of this place.

Several replies of you are being considered for this position, which is promising, unlike the normal you are not being considered for this position! Shocking though I guess I get to find out in a fortnight! WAIT thats christmas that won't work we will all be off work and relaxing! Well No I will actually in two thursdays I will actually be off work! Possibly no Diary Entry Boxing Day watch out for a that! If I do it will probably be an angry one. I am not a fan of Christmas.

So yeah thats job, designed a friends website, can be found in the OTHERs section of my portfolio site.

Having to make the decision at the moment of to keep final gamez or let it go, and it is getting closer to being let it go. Not enough time, not enough money, not enough interest in a world where everyone seems to think they can do a games design seems to be little point in trying to do a game design.

Also I hate dating. I do its annoying, its all hi hi, and erm ah nervous as hell type thing tired of it why can't people just meet up for a chat and a drink and I am talking tea or coffee, be a little less nervous and more open. Or in my case walk up say hello, shake hands, chat for a bit, and walk away cause you just have that bad feeling going on that says this isn't going to work.

Yeah I probably need to crush that feeling.

Kind of hard when you just don't fancy the people you are meeting with I guess, photos are nice but in person whole different story. Also getting tired of hearing I'd definitely take you home, just not home to meet my mother.

So yeah all in all least weeks been fairly, erm, mundane. I did sculpt some stuff got some new books, did a corporate event for Argos! Was entertaining.

No new music, Smurfs 2, not as funny as Smurfs 1, Kick-Ass 2 not as funny as Kick-Ass 1 and not as good as the comic! While I do like Kick-Ass 1 in film form more than comic form, I think Kick-Ass 2 in comic form is better. They are the same story but different some things you can get away with in a comic but not in a film. Kick-Ass 3 is presently doing the rounds in weekly's, or monthly's, I can't remember but I am waiting for the compiled Graphic Novel and the final Film on that one.

Still not got to see Thor 2 :( will get it on DVD.

So another week another blog about it! Can't believe I am still actually doing this! Fingers crossed random blog's resume eventually minds really not been wandering a lot of late.