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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Still cooking?

Not got a lot to say anymore.
Still trying.
Still failing.
Did a new web site for a friend, its a work in progress.
Like it only take a day the big parts going to be tagging everything onto it once its ready to go on it and then putting it on a server.
For now it sits on the back side of my own web site.

Kept me busy through today though.

Still lost and alone, people trying, no one appears to be getting through. Still cooking here I guess, trying to find me. Everyone seems to confused about me not knowing who I am, that the thing I knew who I was.
I had it all, had everything and no matter what I can't find that anywhere else.
Kissed a million girls to find one and now have to kiss a million more to find another.

Back to job hunts at this awful time of year, an waiting for the moons to pass until this year is no more.