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Friday, 10 January 2014

Books And Covers

We all do it, I even do it. I think I do any way. I'm never sure, I generally try not to, I usually give the level of doubt, I study I watch I learn and slowly, ever so slowly, I work my way into their head and discover the person underneath. I read the pages of the person and gather my information through conversation, through jokes, through watching body language and just listening, watching remembering.

Yet they look at me, they think freak.
They look at me they think stoner.
They look at me and think he is in a band.
They look at me and think he's a drinker.
They look at me and they never truly learn who I am.

Painted and labeled all my life.
Because I won't cut my hair, I won't keep my beard in order and I will change it as and when I feel like it, because I wear black, because I wear a trench coat, because I am so random and yet I try to be funny.

I don't like people thinking of me as a stoner or a hippy.

I'm me and thats a random box of possibilities and realities mashed together in a big ball of Fallen. I like being Fallen. So next time when you take a look at someone, anyone don't jump to a conclusion because you are probably wrong.

Oh and just to let you all know. I am Anti Drugs, I rarely Drink Alcohol, I have given up smoking and I try to be a nice person, but I will call a spade a spade and if you judge me I will tell you where to go. An possibly not politely.