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Thursday, 2 January 2014

First Thursday 2014

The last week mainly work and holiday stuff all very boring.

So Plan, there is a plan!

After many years of mainly pushing web design, art work, graphics and generally being a little boring with what I promote of myself. I'm going to put it all up. I am going to show off all the projects everything.

Though as I sit here thinking about this thats probably not a lot.

Or is it?

Wait and see, whole new sections going onto my portfolio website.

Project Jars will be making an appearance, once I have taken photos.

This largest project I have ever done will also be appearing. Yep Scalextric Racing and what it actually took to design this place and what i had to learn and discover will be coming up.

Then of course the other little things. Things you would never think of. Or maybe you would. I don't know but still. 

Any way that's the diary for this week, nothing to write home about and 2013 is now locked away in a black box in my head never to be opened.

Welcome to the new world.

Happy New Year Peeps.