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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Rantday I mean Thursday (sorry about all the bad language)

We all know I'm fairly laid back rather insane and generally not one to anger.
So whats happened in the last 7 days...........................................................
Well to be honest it has actually taken me 3 days to get angry.......................
So here we go with my week.

Hectic weekend, nothing new there, get through saturday with the help of the assistant.
Sunday hectic day on my own no assitant. Boss is in, thats okay she will hang on where's the boss?
Oh in the back playing Mahjong. Again. Right will cope always do.................................................
Sunday comes to a close party is running a little late because last one to arrive arrives late. No biggy can deal with this. Okay party is done, and all gone, 17:20 ah thats okay 10 minutes to clear out and will be home soon, where the boss? Oh playing Mahjong. Boss there gone lets get out of here. Oh no got to wait for her to now tidy up. Why didn't she do this when the party had started to wind down instead of waiting for everyone to leave?
Meh will just cash out and pack up my stuff..... Boss heard mumbling this would be a lot quicker if someone else would help instead of doing nothing. HANG THE FUCK ON! I have been on my feet since 11am, I have done a party, dealt with several customers and just run around like a headless chicken for 6 hours straight. There is one dishwasher it takes 3 minutes to do a cycle, it takes 2 minutes for one person to clear the pots while the cycle is going round, you don't need help you need to stop being a lazy fuck. This all kept under my breathe.

Monday, I like mondays, day off, Oh someone wants to meet, ace, they want to meet here also ace, oh they have changed the mind and now I have to drive even further, meh, okay. Small greasy spoon, okay will get a coffee, sit and wait, I'm early only by 5 minutes. Shall be fine, 20 minutes later she turns up, and after 4 days of talking and appearing she is actually rather interesting, fun, and intelligent and what turns up, boring, untalkative, and uninteresting. This unmaterialistic alternative with interests and head screwed on, turns out to be a hippy with not a single original thought in her head. WOW I really lucked out here.
Oh she is receiving a phone call and she is going to answer it and her friend is out of gas and stuck on a road in the middle of no where please come save me. YAWN, yeah saw that one coming. Why didn't you just say sorry not interested instead of spinning me all this bullshit, and then to email me afterwards with it was cool I made a new friend, well no actually you didn't I don't need more friends I never see or talk to so erm BYE.

Tuesday, so I knew i had a 4th date planned with the only girl so far to have kept my interest, still trying to workout if she would be worth trying with or not... She crashes into my car from behind while its stationary at a roundabout and there is loads of traffic around. I hadn't even put it in gear and the car in front of me hadn't moved. Yeah so great start to the evening, this is followed by a I don't have a driving license. YOU FUCKING WHAT! So yeah this ends up with me now going there will be no 5th date. Though she keeps texting me and emailing me apologising, okay how about you pay for the damage to my car. Only going to cost £1000 for the new bumper, new lights, and respray.

Wednesday, hunting parts for car, and trying to relax. Oh wait got to be in work at 6:45 for a 7:15 party. Okay it is the job you know it's my day off but yeah what ever. I get here at 6:45, party starts arriving 6:50 7:15 boss turns up. An then decides to vanish once more leaving everything to me. 10pm boss leaves moaning she didn't do anything. And why not because she turned up late if she had been here on time people would have been buying coffees and stuff and she would have done okay. As they were all asking if the coffee shop was open and at that time it wasn't as I didn't have cash boxes or the time to be doing her job as well as my own.

Thursday that would be today, turn up to work as always, odd phone call, general crap, booking and so on taken, boss, I am leaving at 3 to go do my household shop... Hang the fuck on a minute I have to do my household shop on my day off, after work, or whenever I can fit it in. What the fuck is that all about!
Then I have plans for tomorrow, going to a gig, I like gigs, so have to be out of here early to get changed and so on and drive to nottingham. All good, Oh no, I have to stay here till 5pm, an if we have customers in I have to stay here till we are finished. HANG THE FUCK ON once more I booked tomorrow as a half day months ago. Yet no allowed it, and don't even get me started about the week off I was told I was getting back in septem... Octob... Novem.... Decem.... Janu.... as it kept getting pushed back. It is now february over my birthday but it's not weekends Oh no its monday to friday. An if we get night sessions I shall lose the day. Yeah fuck off will I. Oh and to make it just that little more annoying I just had a phone call asking if they could book in for 5pm tomorrow and I have just had to explain to them that we wouldn't be able to do a 5pm booking on friday as I have to be somewhere else at that time, to which they got all snotty with me. Well you see if this company was run as a company and not as someones personal piggy bank then maybe just maybe I'd have been able to take the booking but you know what I have the right to have a life. An I am going to try and have one. Yeah I am going to a gig, yeah it's not with the person I wanted to but with an acquaintance as that was the only person that wanted to go, Ha an acquaintance known them since they were 6 years old.

So far this year not a lot has phased me to be honest, just reached that point where I have been so laid back it was time to just stand up and shout.
I've had a fucking nough.
Oh and for all those going well at least you have a job at least you are getting paid.
Yeah it works like this I work on average tuesday to sunday every single week, I lose mondays off in school holidays, I haven't had a weekend to myself in forever, I have no social life as I am to knackered after running around all day to go out at night, I have fuck all friends left as no one bothers even asking me if I want to do something, I can't hold a relationship down once it gets passed sex as well I am never around due to the job and getting time off is like trying to get blood out of a stone. I earn 10,400 a year. Yeah thats all I get paid shit aint it.
I have a house to run and two cats to feed, I am usually broke constantly.

Oh and every job I apply for never seems to get back to me. Not even to tell me sorry you haven't been successful this time.

So there you go my week, my fucking awful week, ah well. Out the system now.
Savings account gone, no 3D printer next month now :(