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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Update Day I mean Thursday!

So another week another blog.
No idea how my dad is, they moved his operation from friday to tuesday, all I know he is home and moaning and in pain thats it. Should probably go see him.... Bit busy..... Will probably be asleep.... Lose half hour going and checking or work.... I'll work on something. got another update. Some bits fixed and some new projects I have done loaded into it.

Yeah thats it, you don't want to hear about continually being stood up by possible dates.

It's annoying but such is life.

Gig a week on friday and spare ticket I think.... No I know I have she isn't going to contact me and go and even if she did I would probably tell her to late or tough or not interested.

Birthday is closing in and yeah Welcome to Level 35.

Download is looking better gradually, still no idea who I am going with if anyone will probably be me on my todd. Not done that EVER. Could be exciting. Could be a nightmare. Will think about it around May.

Still no news back on the job front loads of things applied for nothing heard back......

I am now using the Aspire for my electric cigarette and while it tastes nicer than the Evod, just don't know seems to bubble and compress a bit. Might have to go back to the Evod though thats fairly messy to fill.
I have ordered a new head bit though which is slightly more expensive but its glass not plastic and seems to work on the same type of action bottom feeding coil, will see what that is like, I might just stop all together....... No can't risk that, nicotine and brain impulses and yeah long story and possibly the only thing stopping my mind from going off the deep end.

nope got nothing else here at the moment thats my week that was.