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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Want to do something.... New.

Age old issue with any design based person is that there will always come a point where you get fed up of what you are working on and want to work on something.... New.

An this is my problem I want to do something NEW exciting and Different. I can keep giving myself tasks and jobs and ideas but they are things I want to do and as such are pretty much the same thing over and over, new character, new weapon, new back ground, new race. Though none of them are new they are all in place in my head and just coming to the surface at different times. Now I know how this reads, oh you have had enough of working on what your doing and want to move on you never finish anything blah blah blah.

You would be wrong, I often step in and out of what I am working on thats why I am working on three games at once to give me the ability to change and switch and move and things not get stale, what I am talking about is that I want to do something totally different, something not mine. I want a brief and then be left to go and build it that is what I want, I don't care what it is though I would like to stay away from games design, I just want to go and let my head run for a while and do something completely NEW.
Not one of my idea's not something that comes with a this is how it looks make this fit this and get on with it it needs to be exactly like that, what I want is for someone to go.
"I have this idea, it should end up like this hazy thing inside my head that I can't quite make sense off and here is everything I have written on the subject in my head. Go build, make, design, write, draw, doodle this and keep showing me till it matches what is in my head please".
That is what I want to do, that is what I need to do, just to try and mix my mind up a bit.

I have no muse I have no one to impress so I have no real urge to start anything new of my own. Just finish what I have but I have this want and desire to create and without a muse I struggle so I need an outside source.

So blog world that is what I am hunting not a muse but an outer source of inspiration. So inspire me.