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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Make up your own heading.

never rains.

So we start out with things are looking up.
Which is always a bad sign in my life and before anyone even starts going on about the fact we make our own destiny and things happen for a reason or all that other stuff, don't just don't.
As all the events that have happened are totally unrelated to each other.

Cause to Effect is easy to see. You do A which makes B happen which gives result C.

Mathematicians and Science people yes I am being lazy with my ABC system. I'm not doing a big equation explaining this is all very basic and boring, wander on.

My ability to use words seems to be failing me at the moment too. Description, explanation, power and creation all seem to have dropped off the chart in my head, it's all very dark and lonely in there which is how I want it to be for now.

It's always the same everyone tries to build me up things start looking good and then everything crashes down around my ears, because something outside of what is going on happens and ruins a perfectly good mood.

Seriously it's just not worth even trying to be friends with me anymore. Should just keep everyone at arms length.

When you stand up for yourself you just get kicked into a corner. Got no fight left.