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Thursday, 8 May 2014

URGH wow thats not a great title!

So the year rolls on the world roll over and the time to fly away is forever hampered by rain keeping my wings firmly lashed to my back. Yeah this blog isn't even about what it reads like so keep going I will get to where I was planning eventually just wanted to babble a bit first.
So 10 years into "running" electric tracks and I am still trying to run away. 
Why? Because it's an unsociable job, its shocking hours its low pay and I said I am meant to be running it right? Well I am given the illusion of running it, truth is I'm just the face. I have no control over it at all.
I see what the income is for the site but I have no idea on the outgoings of it. 
I have control over what we order and what I order sells what I am told to order never does.
An I am blamed for the way Hornby go about their own business as its not constructive to our own business yet I am also constricted to being only able to deal with Hornby because thats what the owners forced me to do from the word go. So when Hornby start adapting finally to work as a modern company and not as a remnant of the 1950/60's company they have been for the last 60 years. I get it in the neck and why because no one wants to shout at Hornby, I don't nice to see them finally making the move into a modern age, shame about the price points they are using but they are a PLC and have to pay shareholders. 

Any way, as I have moaned this wasn't where I was going my question or my statement depending on how you look at it was always a simple thing of why do we still trade and run companies in a way we did 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 years ago? Why can't people move forward with the way things are I know the world is stated as being referred to as teaching old dogs new tricks, but surely we should let the next generation try to do things their way instead of treating them as a means to an end and instilling these tried and tested and now a days failing methods upon them. I say this as I work for a farmer that while able to understand farming has no concept of retail and so got out and left it for me to clean up and fix and then once i got it running pulled the rug out from under me and started just treating me like a slave. When I do something It usually works when they do something it falls on its arse. Now me I don't mind much I just know I am angry about the low pay as I am now well under minimum wage, the long and unsociable hours and the always in here at weekends unless I throw my toys out the pram to get away, I don't like throwing my toys out the pram I do it from time to time with people as well I have to to get their attention but in general I don't like doing it. 

And as always I am applying all over the place for work but until I work my way around this algorithm for picking CV's and qualifications for jobs I want to do (them darn keywords get every where) I'm going to struggle in a forever forward moving age of technology where everyone seems to have forgotten how to be human.