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Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Thoughts on this year..... Nothing happened.....
Year started out badly, well not overly badly but still not as great as it could be.
It moved forward as things always do because time really fails to move backwards. If it did then I am sure I'd be altering it constantly to fix mistakes I have made.
Yet then we need the mistakes to learn.
So yeah, Download was a massive highlight as always had a really good time this year in the field.
But generally its been an uneventful year. Though some would say it has been eventful as I have done things or finally got things done I wouldn't have done if the year hadn't been so boring I guess.

2015 this is the point where it kicks off though.

So as I say good bye to 2014 as we all do this day I look forward to 2015 and my first steps into doing my own thing. Staying in the full time job though as even taking the risks I am taking I want to make sure I can survive. Got this far without having to borrow money from the bank so am hoping I can just keep it going with the full time job, an if it picks up come the end of 2015 will still be going.

But I'm a year ahead of myself there.

So 2014, time to say good bye and hello 2015. Or if you want good bye Wednesday hello Thursday, as while this year has had it's up's and down's unlike a lot of them in my life of late and a lot of them I have written about this year has been fairly well dull in my little part of the world.

So I shall wish you one and all those I know and those I don't a happy new year and I shall as always leave you with the hope that you deserve as we all do that the following 12 months will bring you the things you deserve, until this time next year as every year for the last few.

Happy New Year One and All.