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Thursday, 4 December 2014

It's been a wHile. Some one get the Cool wHip.

So where am I.
Year ago I decided to close down final gamez on the grounds of I wasn't getting any where with it.
A year ago, I was broken, probably still rather am.
Still in the same job no matter what skills I learn, things I do or improve on.
So what have I done? Seriously it's been 6 months since I said a word, my tweeting is become less and less though random bits and piece and face book I probably post once a month to let people know I am alive if that is something I can call myself half the time.

So yeah that's the me stuff out of the way. In more important news I am erm doing stuff!

Yeah you guessed it after a while of nothing then something and now finally lots of things.

If you been following me for the last 2/3 years I have been getting my head around ZBrush, rather slowly probably creativity takes me leaves me and then temps me with cheese cake to get back into trying. An with this in mind and a lot of searching around on line and discovering I have so many models the price to get them all printed was going to cost me a small fortune and probably enough to buy a small football team or even a new house I decided to purchase a 3D printer. Cheap one nothing to fancy and it has given me a fair amount of things that has made me go OOOoooOOO a lot. It has also pushed my ZBrush work in randomly new directions as I have been getting round the whole scale of shrinkage in printing a model and how it all slots together to build it when the thing is 3 times larger than the printable area. So with this in mind and now having a vast amount of prototypes cluttering up my desks, (There will be photos don't worry photos follow words) I am going to start production to sell! An as I think the stuff I am doing is so darn niche it's probably not going to sell (Who would really want a 7" tall Cyclops based on an elephant design) I am going to do them to order, so from 2015 my final earth web site which has house my portfolio for the last 8 years is going to be split up and half will be portfolio if anyone cares about stuff I am doing and a fairly large promotional thing and the other will be a shop from which to order I shall be selling the models I print. Of course they will be the best quality I can muster. Which should be coming to happen as I am presently going through the stages of trying to get a better printer (Which I have it's just got some bugs and we are trying to fix this) Though for certain models the cheaper older printer is a better choice as it gives the affect that I was trying to achieve with them. So expect to see a pay-pal shop appearing some time in early 2015 with thing like this on it.

They will all come unpainted and some of them will come in bits (The busts won't)

So there you go this is what I have been doing the last 6 months and I hope to continue doing an I hope you like my new toys, models, projects, them up there those things.