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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

3 months in.

So 3 Months into 2015. What's happened.
Well the printer seems to fail to print religiously.
Am throwing away more than I am making.
Works killing me.
Oh and not managed to sell anything that I have produced so far.
So thanks everyone that thought it was a good idea but you know its an epic fail.

Have a £2000 paper weight. Which I fixed only for it to not work the same ever again.
I have managed to print the same character 6 times this evening and every single time I have printed it I have had a different fail on it.

Band slip on X, Then band slip on Y. Then not printing a layer. Change the filament to a different one see if it is a bad roll of filament, change the colour, change the settings and the same issues once more. An not even in the same order. Use different settings once more one of the above three problems occurs.

Left eyes shot, no idea what is going on with it been bad for about two days now, used to my left eye going wrong but used to only happen when I was drinking, not drank for a very very long time, so what's causing it now then?

Work, yeah that's a joke more hours no pay raise not extra money for extra hours. Though no choice in not doing the extra hours. Job hunt.... Same old story no one ever gets back to you.