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Friday, 27 January 2017

Trying to balance everything....

I'm just odd.
I'm not I'm actually pretty normal.
Presently sitting here trying to get my brain into order.
Lists of things to do.
Day job promotion, web sites and ideas for you tube videos for that, as well as trying to work out how to get more bodies through the door and balance the books without spending money or charging more for what the place does.
Followed by trying to finish off own games to release into an already saturated market of games being released by companies that have the backing and the money to promote these things themselves.
While attempting to learn how to use Adobe Premier better in order to make better videos for you tube to then promote small model cars that only slot car racers are interested in.
While on the other hand trying to learn ZBrush and become a better sculptor so that my games sell and people buy models to try and escape the daily grind of trying to find ways to sell the idea that buying slot cars or coming to race slot cars with your friends is a good idea and thoroughly enjoyable.
All while wishing that I had a better job and a little but more money and free time to do the things I enjoy, like discovering new bands and listening to new music while looking at my bank account to try and work out if I can afford to order new models to continue working on prototypes for new systems for games that no one has seen yet as I have learned to keep things to myself a little better.

I've not written anything for ages, even skipped my new year blog so happy new year.

I don't know roll on download 2017 and hopefully a year free of natural disasters in my life.

So how is everyone?

Not that  I ever have time to see anyone, see above if you can't work out why.
Between promoting one thing and working there isn't a lot of time to do a lot else.

Ho hum, this off my mind? Probably not but can't sit here waging my tongue when there is work to get done.

Back to the grind.