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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Holidays.. .. .. Christmas.. .. .. Stuff.. .. ..

I'm not a fan of Christmas.
I don't even know why.
Just seems too much of an excess I guess.
I don't know why.
I'm always organised, my shopping is always done well in advance.
If I still have to buy people presents in December something has gone very wrong.
Every thing is always wrapped and hidden away early enough.
Organisation is one of them oddities. I've always been like that.

Spread the cost and all the stuff, guess that is what comes from spending most of my adult life in low paid jobs an trying to survive and also keep members of my family happy.

But I'm not and very rarely am happy at Christmas.
An I don't know why.

I don't get it, never have gotten it. I get Birthdays, peoples birthdays are important it is their day to celebrate them coming into this world. Birthdays are important.

Okay my Birthdays not, but that is just me and how I am. An though writing the words my Birthdays not important as I am not important appears to be a bit of an Oxymoron as I am writing this an it all seems a little self concentric as I try to work out the crap that is in my head and why am I always so down at Christmas, What do I not like about it. Why does it bring the worst out in me and why am I always so miserable at this time of year.

Works dragging me down a bit too, I guess, feels like I'm the only person that actually cares about the place. Which in turn isn't great. As I don't want to be here 7 days a week 52 weeks a year.

I don't know. I really don't know what is wrong with me.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Calling All Calling All Corpses "Download 2017" Subdued Lurching Weekend

Rolling into another Download Festival.

Wednesday morning roll around once more and with the car already packed and ready to get out there and get set up was on my way.
Another year going Solo, which now makes two in a row, I'm pretty use to going solo now and have it down to a fairly compact formation.
New tent which I had spent the time to learn to put up prior to the journey so was all on top of every thing, missed the trolley having a flat tire but that wasn't spotted till the return journey.

11:50am Wednesday morning I finally collapse out of my car after a little over a two hour overly warm and sunny drive across only two counties, the ques are already forming in the car park with rockers, punks, emos, and metalers wanting to get in get pitched and relax and await the annual pilgrimage to Donington Park.
We arrive to extra security checks extra waits and... Well we are meant to but it didn't feel like it was once I got the the gate, was just waved through after a quick only cloths in the bag right which I replied with a yep and walked on by. Maybe it's the fact that I've done so many an that's written all over my face, this was Download No 14 for me. I don't know.

I do know that seeing police wandering around with machine guns is bloody scary, but then I think I've got XX000, alternatives wandering around with me an with my own kind, I always feel safe.

Right shall we get into this, as I was solo and was nice weather I kind of wandered a bit and a lot of the bands I have seen before so was kind of just hitting the ones I like the odd one I hadn't seen and trying to talk to anyone and everyone, but never truly goes that way.

So we shall roll into Friday, this day I did spend totally on my own, I talked to a few people wandered around ran into a few I had met before and wandered, got to know the new layout.
So the new layout, it works the reduction in noise bleed from one stage to another was minimal which was a great improvement. Downside, the solo traders appeared to be missing, I don't have 100% reason for it and I am hoping to find out, but Bagel Dude (My favorite quick snack venue in the village) an DeliKate (this could be spelled wrong) (Great place to eat in the arena with a wide range of options for all dietary requirements) Wasn't there!

Instead it was multiple versions of the same food outlets all over the shop and very very few independents which seems to be a trend I'm not fond of, but I guess it is down to costing for the companies to make these decision, not really up to the consumers. An as always every year the costings go up, which is getting stupid, but once more capitalism at its best and inflation is a bitch, shame prices never go down. But that's not what this is all about and personal views on the over pricing of food and drink isn't really my place to bring up, beer though £5/£5.50 a pint is expensive it's only about £1 over that is in the pub, while a burger costing between £6 and £8.50 is a little ludicrous, but when you have a captive audience  you can charge what you want.

Sorry got side tracked, on to music.

Friday and Music, where we going first?
We will start with... Motionless in White. This year running a shorter set on the main stage.
I did say this year was a more laid back year for me and the first band is mid afternoon,
I really do enjoy Motionless in White, and they never fail to preform, or impress me and as always I am reminded that they probably will never be massive as they aren't radio friendly, they look like a mashup of Manson, Alice Cooper and Slipknot, but they always play well. New album stuff and older stuff though No A.M.E.R.I.C.A which isn't a bad thing I just like the song. Put on a good 30 minute set though.

Sabaton, I don't think I have ever listened to them before but they were really good band, good song construction, interaction with the crowd and entertaining to watch, has been added to the list of Back Catalogue to purchase once I have funds again.

By the time Mastadon appeared on stage I was suffering a bit from heat stroke and not drinking enough fluids and though I could hear them I wasn't paying enough attention to even write anything here. So Yeah Mastadon......... I don't know!

5 Finger Death Punch. 5FDP.
This could be biased, I really like them on CD and the last couple of times I have seen them they have gotten better and better live and this time wasn't any less. I don't really know what to say here. Starting with lift me up which I possibly wasn't expecting to Jekyll And Hyde but then again I should have been it is an amazing song. But as I said earlier having seen many of these bands many times it really was more a picking my own favorites and just watching them. So this reviews stopping here as I am trying not to be biased.

Prophets Of Rage.
I didn't know what to expect here, what can you really expect with Rage Against The machine, Public Enemy and Cyprus Hill. With only a 5 track EP, they filled there set with a variation of tracks from the three bands and once more another cover of Killing In The Name Of.

Off to Catch the start of Sum 41, as I want to watch SOAD for a change as normally i miss the first half then catch the back half but for a change thought I should go check them out.
So Sum 41 after 21 years seem to still be belting out tracks as if they were still in their 20's. Stopped for the first three tracks and went to System.

Yeah so System. I don't know, some System stuff is good, some is naff, some is random as in a good way and some is random for the sake of random.
The performance wasn't bad, wasn't great either. Non of them seemed to look interested in being there an did look quiet bored, but when you have been touring the same set for a decade I guess I Would get bored too. Serj said his voice wasn't great an yeah, I am not 100% sure what was going on.

The general feeling in the village after wasn't the usual high buzzing that was a great day an everyone seemed to be a little subdued.

On to Saturday.
I originally planned on going down for Ale Storm but there was nothing I was that interested in after that till Lounge Kittens, So wandered down for about 30 minutes before they started and had a bit of a wander and half listened to who ever was playing, grabbed some food and a beer and headed over to the Dog Tooth Stage, found a spot and awaited the Kittens, an though they seem like the craziest group to be on site, three girls and a keyboard they are incredibly entertaining and tailor their sets to the festival or show they are doing look them up on you tube they are very fun and talented.

Time for a wander over to main stage for AFI, though this was from a bit of a distance, as I was in conversation with some folks and listening as I could, I do enjoy AFI an I wish I had been closer from where I was they sounded good but that is all I can say, Should have turned around really an then I would have been able to see, though I would have though a middle of the say band might not have had their normal stage set with them.

With some time to kill a bit more wandering and chatting then back to Dog Tooth for Wednesday 13, amazingly put together set, was a little short wish it had been longer but the show was amazing, with flaming sword wielding dancers and costume changes, an a mix of tunes from the Frankenstein Drag Queen days, Murder Dolls and Solo Stuff.

Quick sprint across the sight.. Hahahaha me sprint nah not going to happen, wandered over to the Avalanche Stage from Dog Tooth just missing Ale Storm doing their Acoustic set, in order to get into see Simple Plan, which ended up with me chatting to people outside the tent unable to get in.... Crap Rob Zombie have to run....

On off on my travels to Zippo Stage for Rob Zombie.
Expecting something similar to the last time they headlined the 2nd stage, what we got was a very impressive set of Rob Zombie Tracks from the early days ot the present day but without the usual wandering performers in robot costumes and alien outfits and just had a very large video wall playing all kinds of crazy stuff. Can't fault the music or the performance at all, was on key for the whole thing and not only did we get Blitzkregebop but also Schools Out by Alice Cooper.
This night the camp site had a lot more energy and everyone was buzzing. Far better end to the day than Friday night.

So today it is known that the only band playing at the end was Aerosmith. So had no way of avoiding the full set this time and I am glad I didn't but we will get to that.

So the plan was to head down for Fozzy, but if you are playing a 30 minute set at 11am and the next band you want to watch is at 14:25 and you are in the arena till 11pm then you might get missed, and Fozzy did, I'm getting to old to do a whole day in the Arena on my own, last year was hard enough and if the whole gang had been together we would have kept each other up through the day to make it easier but it is hard to do solo, any way I did eventually get down the the Arena for In Flames.

I am wishing I had seen Devil Driver though. They weren't terrible just not my thing and I go rather bored while they were on and I should have seen Devil Driver again.

Bit of Air Bourne, who just sound like ACDC now a days, but heading to DevilSkin, an was greatly surprise little New Zeland band that I am hoping will go far have a lot of potential was only really let down by the mic being set to the same volume as the rest of the instruments to start with making it hard to hear but a very impressive set an will be chasing their album or EP once I have funds, not a bad performance in the Dog Tooth Stage,

Catch a bit of Ministry, one day I am going to get to see them fully but not today as the group I am with today want to see Steel Panther and drag me over to that.

(Three comedians in wigs singing about sex and out of date celebrity stories, while their ability to play and sing can't be dismissed or ability to write a catchy tune they are simply a modern day spinal tap, though promoting nothing more than sexual innuendo,which to be honest is less innuendo and more blatant exploitation of sexual comedy, but they can preform an their crowd interaction and for lack of a better word internal banter makes the crowd laugh. (Written while at download))

Steel Panthers for some reason have just never impressed me, Early days I wanted them too but they just didn't light anything up inside me and while they can play and interact I just can't seem to get them. 

Opeth, once more wandered to the back to just catch a few minutes of these guys and also Slayer who while are legends and shouldn't have been on the Zippo Stage are starting to slow down a little and once more putting on a good set have lost a bit since the old days. Right that's everyone covered lets get this Aerosmith done shall we. Photos first?

Possibly the best show I have ever seen Aerosmith do. Though they didn't play Pink.
I can't really give a real break down of this set was just good old rock and roll, with a great set list played from the early decades of the band. With tracks like Jennys got a gun, to walk this and all manner in between, was a great ending though we didn't really get a choice as they were the only band on and the latest to finish at 10:50pm.

Ah crap I forgot Alter Bridge! I did see some of the set not all of it was a wander for food and beer while conversing with people about all manner of things, would have liked to have seen Slash and the Conspirators but I can't known Myles voice no matter which band he is playing with.

Right So Back to the tent and awaiting Download 2018.
Where I shall be hoping for...
Offspring. Blink 182 or Green Day.
Skid Row, Ugly Kid Joe, Megadeath.
In This Moment. Skindred. Killswitch engage.

Ah who am I kidding all I really want and would give my right arm for is simply Gun's N' F'in Roses.

Till Download 2018 is over this has Been Fallen013 and hopefully next year I'll have even more bands to talk about and a great Festival to write about.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Trying to balance everything....

I'm just odd.
I'm not I'm actually pretty normal.
Presently sitting here trying to get my brain into order.
Lists of things to do.
Day job promotion, web sites and ideas for you tube videos for that, as well as trying to work out how to get more bodies through the door and balance the books without spending money or charging more for what the place does.
Followed by trying to finish off own games to release into an already saturated market of games being released by companies that have the backing and the money to promote these things themselves.
While attempting to learn how to use Adobe Premier better in order to make better videos for you tube to then promote small model cars that only slot car racers are interested in.
While on the other hand trying to learn ZBrush and become a better sculptor so that my games sell and people buy models to try and escape the daily grind of trying to find ways to sell the idea that buying slot cars or coming to race slot cars with your friends is a good idea and thoroughly enjoyable.
All while wishing that I had a better job and a little but more money and free time to do the things I enjoy, like discovering new bands and listening to new music while looking at my bank account to try and work out if I can afford to order new models to continue working on prototypes for new systems for games that no one has seen yet as I have learned to keep things to myself a little better.

I've not written anything for ages, even skipped my new year blog so happy new year.

I don't know roll on download 2017 and hopefully a year free of natural disasters in my life.

So how is everyone?

Not that  I ever have time to see anyone, see above if you can't work out why.
Between promoting one thing and working there isn't a lot of time to do a lot else.

Ho hum, this off my mind? Probably not but can't sit here waging my tongue when there is work to get done.

Back to the grind.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

So this should be Download 2016 review BUT!

Okay so, lets get this ball rolling, and try not to get crushed under the weight of every thing that has happened in the last fortnight.
Download 2016 review should be here but I've just had most of it wiped from my memory with everything that happened. Now don't get me wrong Download 2016 was enjoyable and it's usual interesting time, from the scorching 25 degree Wednesday and Thursday to its raining main even status of Friday to Sunday. Which is the problem. I missed out on the back half of Friday due to tent problems with a sudden tremendous down poor which flooded half of my tent but thankfully spared my sleeping quarters. Having to drop out after around 70 minutes of Sabbath because my coat was so drenched that I couldn't stand up any longer and it was too wet to sit down, to back problems on the Sunday resulting in me deciding not to go down to early and just see the final 3 Acts on the Sunday to give me some form of enjoyment.

Most years this wouldn't be an issue as the group would have each others back but this year this was the year I went Solo!
Everyone else's lives just got in the way this time. Though with all the Downloads over the years behind me I was very much prepared for it. An the general setting up camp and getting to and from the car in one motion was made very much easier by the way I now plan and carry my gear too and from camp.

Did check out the NXT even as well while I was there and very much look forward to them coming back to the UK and attempting to get tickets to see them.

I'm sorry this review is so minor but there is so much more to get into what has happened and so little memory of everything that happened while I was at Donington, Met some great people in the camp site and in the arena as always will talk to anyone. Skindred and Disturbed performances were fantastic as always and as expected but now on to the other stuff.

Monday get home, Tuesday recover, Wednesday go to Alton towers. Thursday about to go to dinner and it rains, Wait for rain to pass then go to dinner, but the sky is falling, falling so much that the water in my garden is now 6" up the side of my house and 2" across my downstairs. An we begin bailing, from 2pm till 10pm bailing for my life, I got lucky, Very lucky, 2 neighbours have had to have their floors removed and lost electrics and all sorts, I can't afford home insurance so after the minor tiny flood from 5 years ago I modified the house to cope, put in new floors raised the damp course in the house and tried to keep all my power and electrical equipment off floor level, plus tiled the entire downstairs apart from my living room.
Unfortunately though I did lose the transformer for my Xbox One and my Ultimaker 2 3D printer and my Wanahoo 4X, plus a couple of Coax Cables for my TV. The transformers aren't going to be cheap but I worked out everything that needs to be replaced would have cost less than my excess on home insurance.

Now the other side of this flood, the Scalextric Racing Site I run ended up under 8" of water.
This is insured but the work around to rebuild it will take several weeks as it is an operating company we have to take into account health and safety and COSH and all manner of other little annoying things,
So once the insurance is in and lays out what they will cover and what I have to do I will have a week after dry up to rebuild the whole site, which I have spent 12 years building and maintaining and modifying to fit the needs of the company that pays me what they like to call minimum wage.

But this also means that once I have put in all the parts that need to be addressed I have to invoice the company for the work done and claim back what ever components I have had to purchase.
Which after replacing everything I have had to sort at home is going to leave me border line broke. for a while.

An with out the extra income from my 3D work which I can't do at this time I am in a little bit of a pickle.

So anyone wondering why I'm a little but more crazy than normal or quick to stress or anger, have a wild guess whats on my mind.

Oh and I lost 4 note books of new pencil designs and concept work for new things I was working on when the surface they were on started floating away and crashed into the cat litter tray that was floating the other way.

I'm off to keep throwing out wet boxes from the cupboard under the stairs.... At least my bathroom and kitchen floors are cleaner than they have ever been.....

Monday, 11 January 2016

I got sidetracked.....

Happy new year.

Erm, yeah so today I planned to write my very late end of year thing which I have been doing for several years as I got sidetracked and incredibly shocked at the passing of Lemmy which in turn ended up with me just not having words to write, and then today Bowie.

Two Icons of their industry.

Both incredible artist as well as people, doing what they did for the love of doing it.

Both who's music has been influential in my life.

Like most fan's of these artists I am both in shock about these events.

But I thank them both for their Music and sharing it with us all.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

I Get Wet without even trying. "Download 2015" Swim Suits may be required.

Welcome to an abbreviated blow by blow of Download 2015. Why abbreviated do you ask? Well that is simple, though I spent a lot of time in the Arena on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was hopping about a bit trying to keep warm in the rain.



Wednesday and Thursday was glorious weather. Possibly too hot to be sat in one space too long in the arena and meaning vast amounts of water drunk if it stayed as it was over Beer, but still it was a glorious couple of days. Then Friday it started out really nice, then as the arena gates opened it began to turn grey and then well it rained non stop from around 2pm till 5pm on the Saturday.

Do want to just side note actually checked out the Comedy Tent in the village on the Thursday and I don't remember any of the names of people we saw but it was enjoyable and was a good giggle for an evening, though we did seem to spend about 3 hours in there! If you want to know who was preforming go check out the Download Website.

Friday this is all main stage. If not going to move only doing it to find food or beer.
So we shall start with well where we started which would be Clutch. Been around a while and still able to put on a show, solid set nothing flashy several of their better known songs and just all together an enjoyable watch. Nothing to complain about nothing to praise was just a solid rock and roll show.
Five Finger Death Punch followed, you know what I like FFDP and have all their albums but the last few times I have seen them at Download I have never been impressed with their set's at all, For some reason they just didn't seem to get me going which is a little bit upsetting and I was starting to think their production with the CD quality was the problem, but everyone I know had seen them play at their own tours and things said they were good and I was failing to see how. This year they surprised me. I was just blown away by their presence on stage and the ability to play, I'm going to guess it might just be down to what I was going through when they played before and more me than them. One day they will be headlining at Download they will be deserving of it.

Judas Priest. I've never seen them play badly yet but then I have only seen them twice and even as the years roll on they never fail to impress me.

Slipknot. You know what, even with the new guys in the band I couldn't tell anything was different.
If you weren't at download but caught the rock am ring live feed then you pretty much know what happened. Identical set other than the German section at Rock Am Ring was in English. Still an incredibly high energy 90 minutes of a group of Guy in masks making a very loud noise. An making the pulse race and hair fly.

Shall we go back to camp and check we've not flooded yes yes we will. Tent 4 and 4 still standing.

Saturday, tent still standing, still raining.
An the first band is 11am! WHAT THE HELL! In all the Downloads I don't think I have ever made the arena before the first band it ends up being a long day on your feet and with the ground sodden and muddy it is hard walk from the camp site all the way in the bottom of green which is my favourite place to camp to the actual arena. So onto the Lounge Kittens, I have been watching their you tube videos for a while. An live they did not disappoint. Funny and very musical. An from here we wander to 4th stage for New years Day. Had seen a couple of their you tube videos, wanted to check them out, good vocal range, very jumpy and high energy set rather impressive fingers crossed they keep at it. Now where whats next! Beer. Right band find a band what band... Apocalypitca. Who appear to have got a singer for their latest work and while there were technical issues due to weather still put on a show though I feel with having this singer it detracts a lot from what originally got them to the party. We shall see how long this lasts. Musically even with the technical issues can't fault them for their preforming ability. Right food and over to main stage for Hollywood Undead who seem to have somewhat evolved pretty far from their roots. First album did impress me a little but this latest incarnation of themselves just don't float my boat, though the rain was seeming to be able to do that at this moment. Back to 2nd stage for Motionless in White. These guys have so much potential. Both on album and live, though to get bigger they need to do something radio friendly I guess and that would totally be against what they are and while I think they could go a long way if they could find their audience of which I am gladly a member. That audience will never be big enough to have them standing as a head liner upon the hallowed ground of Download Main Stage though I do think they will get to that stage one day. More food and off to Faith No More. It's faith No More what can I say! tight as always funny and ever and doing that thing they do being brilliant and random and a little but crazy. Good set nice mix of new and classics with some re-imagining of some classic songs. Such a good set. Mental Dash over to catch the End of Andrew W.K. An yeah not getting any where near that stage. He is on 3rd  which is a Tent it is a large tent but so many people wanted to see him as he tours over here so rarely now a days, Would have liked to have seen him on second stage, while this would have given the fans more room, I'm not sure the energy levels would have been the same. I did catch a bit of Muse, Couple of songs, but not really my thing. Musically can not fault them.  I forgot Manson! How could I forget Manson! Especially as he actually played a blinder I was in total shock. Every time I have seen him play Download I have been greatly unimpressed as he mumbles and fumbles his way through the set. More like he is just doing it cause he is being paid too and can't be bothered I even watched his Rock Am Ring set and wasn't that impressed as he couldn't be bothered and just made a half arsed attempt to play music. But Download this year WOW he was up there with how he was on the Twins of Evil Tour and I shall give him his dues on this one couldn't fault it, didn't really watch the stage as was stuck near the bad but what I could hear sounded really good.

Sunday. Sun Shine! We start with Sunshine!
I wanted to check out Pop Evil, they were playing at 11am, I wanted to see Evil Scarecrow, I would have liked to have seen the Von Hertzen Brothers. Not a chance, while the sun had got me up early after pulling a full 12 hours in the arena the day before my feet were not up to it!
So what did we start with well Tremonti, They were an acceptable rock and roll band. Didn't blow me away didn't suck was just good old rock and roll, bit heavier than Alterbridge. I got nothing here I am afraid just a good old generic rock band. Then on to Black Berry Smoke, I like these guys some country some rock all soul but while the odd song dropped into a play list of many varying songs makes for a good distraction and a bit of a sing a full set for me is a bit too much, it was raining again and once more some minor technical issues but they played on. Didn't really blow me away but once more it's a personal preference isn't it what works for one don't always work for another.
Billy Idol. Still plays amazingly well to say he has been doing it for a little over 30 years now. Still plays the classics and adds in new stuff, Good to dance along and sing along too.
Slash. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. Now don't read this the wrong way I am a MASSIVE GnR fan it is where I started on my road with music if it wasn't for them I don't know the late 80's and the 90's would have been a very different world for me I guess wouldn't have had that gate way band I fell in love with all them years ago and no one has ever managed to turn me against but I do wish they would play their own stuff, they have two complete albums and a partial album in the way of the first Classic Rock Presents Slash album. Every moment from Night Train to Paradise City and all in between. The dirty and amazing rift that screams out the introduction of Anastasia. To singing along with the track I can't remember the name off from World on Fire. (I have been writing this since around 6pm and it is now midnight download this year was hard work) One day these guys will be Headlining Download and they deserve to be doing.
Motley Crue. Slammed on the barrier for this and not a great place to be. While musically it was fantastic, Being so close to the stage made it hard to see what was happening on it even at 6'2" tall it was uncomfortable while it didn't dishearten me or my enjoyment of the set I would have liked to have been a little further back for a better view of what was going on instead of having to make do with flashes on the large screens.
Okay you're not going to like this but.. I don't get KISS. I just don't. The ego the bravado and the ignorance and arrogance of them just grinds my gears. (see I still managed to get a family guy joke in) Then to berate other bands for using pre-recorded samples when playing live. Or too gloat that their day had sold 85,000 tickets, not realising their was possible 5-10 thousand round the corner watching Enter Shikari. Oh and to me Kiss are still well Boring I do not get the fascination with them. 85,000 tickets is a nice amount to sell. But Maiden, Sabbath, Metallica. They all sell out Download. Kiss You wouldn't have even sold out the old in track arena.

Obligatory Photo of Me 

Monday Morning, Glorious weather to leave on, once of these years it will stay all the way through. Here is too 2016 and another 6 days of Friends, Music, and Mud.... I mean no mud there is always mud.
Ready for Download 2016. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

3 months in.

So 3 Months into 2015. What's happened.
Well the printer seems to fail to print religiously.
Am throwing away more than I am making.
Works killing me.
Oh and not managed to sell anything that I have produced so far.
So thanks everyone that thought it was a good idea but you know its an epic fail.

Have a £2000 paper weight. Which I fixed only for it to not work the same ever again.
I have managed to print the same character 6 times this evening and every single time I have printed it I have had a different fail on it.

Band slip on X, Then band slip on Y. Then not printing a layer. Change the filament to a different one see if it is a bad roll of filament, change the colour, change the settings and the same issues once more. An not even in the same order. Use different settings once more one of the above three problems occurs.

Left eyes shot, no idea what is going on with it been bad for about two days now, used to my left eye going wrong but used to only happen when I was drinking, not drank for a very very long time, so what's causing it now then?

Work, yeah that's a joke more hours no pay raise not extra money for extra hours. Though no choice in not doing the extra hours. Job hunt.... Same old story no one ever gets back to you.