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Monday, 26 August 2013

Love, Life.

What is love?
What is life?
All this.
Trouble and strife.
It comes to expire,
When the curtain comes down,
We all can retire,
With one final bow,
Face the audience,
And there it all ends.
Nothing on nothing as if we all depend.....

I know this much,
When the end is here,
If two loved ones die,
They will be reunited,
high in the sky.
One love,
One life,
Two souls left to fly,
Our thoughts together,
Our hearts down below,
But at last together,
It will never end,
You know.....

Who cares, I care.....

What is it all about?
Why are we all about?
Who knows?
Who cares?

The meaning of life explained,
Can't be.
We all have our own meanings,
All out own rules.

Nothing is certain,
Not even the inevitable.
For the inevitable does not exist.
Reality is not even inevitable.

But is she?
Is he?
Who knows what comes,
It happens to all.

What is here today,
Is gone tomorrow.
But is still the same as yesterday.
Or even last year.

Possibility is,
Who care's?
I care...............................

Reality Bites...

What is this thing,
Or is it all,
Who is to know,
The boundaries of it all?
All that happens is,
We are born,We all die.
The bit,
In the middle,
That is the bonus.
Some are never born.
Some never die.
Immortalised in words,
And hearts for all eternity.

No name on this one. Just scribbles on a page.

Emotion is a variable.
Life is also.
Death is the only constant.

Everything is said.
Nothing is done.
Words are only probability.

The only definitive.
We are born to die.
Or is it we are born to live?

The finish "Click off Gone"

Is death the end of life?
Or is it like a full stop on a page?
The end of a sentence,
Or the beginning of life?

Who is to know what is in store.
Life or Death, comma or full stop.
In the end everything comes to a close.
How do we stop it?

We can't stop the inevitable,
Only prolong it.
Until the end.
Everything comes to an end?

So like the sun in the sky,
I come to a close.
But not my life,
A full stop.
But who is to know?

Sorting out the spare room I found....

I was tidying, generally trying to make this house more of a house and less of a living room, a kitchen an area to sleep and then just masses of storage space. I am a bit of a collector and I collect lots and am trying to get this all sorted.
I found my Collage file though, when I say collage file I mean the random poems, art work, ideas and designs I put together when I was in collage. Just to give my brain something to deal with other than the sciences I was studying. So in no order or any memorable reason I am now going to put them all here.

These were written a long long time ago. Mainly things floating around my head, they have no bearing or reaction to anything going on in my life then or now.
Though I will say I am rather profoundly odd at predicting things that are going to happen in my life years before they happen. I shall post them in their own posts. As some are very long.
(really wish I had dated these)