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Sunday, 19 June 2016

So this should be Download 2016 review BUT!

Okay so, lets get this ball rolling, and try not to get crushed under the weight of every thing that has happened in the last fortnight.
Download 2016 review should be here but I've just had most of it wiped from my memory with everything that happened. Now don't get me wrong Download 2016 was enjoyable and it's usual interesting time, from the scorching 25 degree Wednesday and Thursday to its raining main even status of Friday to Sunday. Which is the problem. I missed out on the back half of Friday due to tent problems with a sudden tremendous down poor which flooded half of my tent but thankfully spared my sleeping quarters. Having to drop out after around 70 minutes of Sabbath because my coat was so drenched that I couldn't stand up any longer and it was too wet to sit down, to back problems on the Sunday resulting in me deciding not to go down to early and just see the final 3 Acts on the Sunday to give me some form of enjoyment.

Most years this wouldn't be an issue as the group would have each others back but this year this was the year I went Solo!
Everyone else's lives just got in the way this time. Though with all the Downloads over the years behind me I was very much prepared for it. An the general setting up camp and getting to and from the car in one motion was made very much easier by the way I now plan and carry my gear too and from camp.

Did check out the NXT even as well while I was there and very much look forward to them coming back to the UK and attempting to get tickets to see them.

I'm sorry this review is so minor but there is so much more to get into what has happened and so little memory of everything that happened while I was at Donington, Met some great people in the camp site and in the arena as always will talk to anyone. Skindred and Disturbed performances were fantastic as always and as expected but now on to the other stuff.

Monday get home, Tuesday recover, Wednesday go to Alton towers. Thursday about to go to dinner and it rains, Wait for rain to pass then go to dinner, but the sky is falling, falling so much that the water in my garden is now 6" up the side of my house and 2" across my downstairs. An we begin bailing, from 2pm till 10pm bailing for my life, I got lucky, Very lucky, 2 neighbours have had to have their floors removed and lost electrics and all sorts, I can't afford home insurance so after the minor tiny flood from 5 years ago I modified the house to cope, put in new floors raised the damp course in the house and tried to keep all my power and electrical equipment off floor level, plus tiled the entire downstairs apart from my living room.
Unfortunately though I did lose the transformer for my Xbox One and my Ultimaker 2 3D printer and my Wanahoo 4X, plus a couple of Coax Cables for my TV. The transformers aren't going to be cheap but I worked out everything that needs to be replaced would have cost less than my excess on home insurance.

Now the other side of this flood, the Scalextric Racing Site I run ended up under 8" of water.
This is insured but the work around to rebuild it will take several weeks as it is an operating company we have to take into account health and safety and COSH and all manner of other little annoying things,
So once the insurance is in and lays out what they will cover and what I have to do I will have a week after dry up to rebuild the whole site, which I have spent 12 years building and maintaining and modifying to fit the needs of the company that pays me what they like to call minimum wage.

But this also means that once I have put in all the parts that need to be addressed I have to invoice the company for the work done and claim back what ever components I have had to purchase.
Which after replacing everything I have had to sort at home is going to leave me border line broke. for a while.

An with out the extra income from my 3D work which I can't do at this time I am in a little bit of a pickle.

So anyone wondering why I'm a little but more crazy than normal or quick to stress or anger, have a wild guess whats on my mind.

Oh and I lost 4 note books of new pencil designs and concept work for new things I was working on when the surface they were on started floating away and crashed into the cat litter tray that was floating the other way.

I'm off to keep throwing out wet boxes from the cupboard under the stairs.... At least my bathroom and kitchen floors are cleaner than they have ever been.....