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Friday, 26 February 2010


So I replaced my good old 27" CFT with a nice spangly 42" Plasma Wide screen, I was bored of having the black bars on movies as I didnt have a wide screen TV.
So now Im watching movies and Im still getting the damn wide screen bars.
According to the TV I shouldnt be but the damn movies come with them on!

WTF was the point in buying the telly if i still have to have the damn black bars?

Not impressed with this. Though It is easier to read the writting in my 360 games.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Entering the 31st year

So I have completed 30 years on this rock.
I now enter my 31st year.

Thank you for the kind wishes of the few that remembered with out being prodded.

To those that forgot or are too busy to remember friends birthdays.
Or just read this and went damn it.

So long and thanks for all the..........

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Panic, Shock or Awe?

Did I do the right thing.
Did I ge it wrong.
Did I not ask the write questions.
Did I say the wrong thing.
Its all speculation.
Words make me think one thing but other words make me think others.
I dont know if I got the job.
Above all I hope I have. I dont know if i have, been playing my cards close to my chest.
Locked up so much at the moment, I felt comfortable dont think I screwed up in there.
But lets be honest it only takes one badly thought out sentence.
Only takes one word out of place or one small body language.

I seen to have made a lot of bad choices of late.
I seem to have made snap decissions not used logic and got things wrong.
I think I could have been doing that for a while now.

Though I look back on hind sight and there is not a single thing I would have done different.
Not a single thing I would have said, and not a word that has passed my lips has been a lie.

I hope that I get to start over and I ge to where I want to be.
I dont want to run a scalextric site.
I dont want to go back into IT.
I dont want to go back to being retail.

I just want to work and do a good job and hope people are happy with what I do.

An I hope that I make the right decisions in the future about every thing else in my life.