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Sunday, 3 March 2013

So if religion is real this is probably how it all went down.

They say the gods gave us free will and the angels hated them for it.
But as Angels have no free will they could not hate their creators and so hated what they had built.
To the point of the war beginning within the heavens and some being cast out to be part of this world and entwined and prisoned forever within it.
Some to walk with man to understand and learn why they were created and some cast into the blackness of oblivion for they were to dangerous to be locked up or allowed to walk.
The argument all began by using the humans as food, the praise is what feeds the gods and the gods grew strong. Without the praise the gods were weakened and eaten by the more powerful gods. 
This went on and over time man renounced gods and one God won over creating monotheism. The belief in one power controlling all, but then man grew tired of this and the God was dissected into many Gods once more. Giving the multitude of religions within this planet.
This in turn as we have free will and are allowed to pick our beliefs fractured the God once more as they lost followers and praise. 
Weakening the creator. Using the abilities remaining moving to a new world to start fresh and gain the praise it needed to feed in order to become strong once more.
Leaving behind those created in order to watch over the world. But being deserted they soon began to fight amongst themselves and the humans below began to wage wars against each other. 
Still waging wars to this day against each other.
But with now higher power to control these angels they slowly began to fade as the memory of them was lost by man and by God alike.
Which in turn ends up with the few Angels upon the earth moving in strange ways and taking places within the world to control its progress ever wishing to become the Gods they should have eventually been.
While those in the earth attempt to stop the darkest of souls returning to life to wage these bloody wars though new souls form old souls do die and return.
This in turn creates the issue of balance within the world and on going fight between good and evil all while waiting for the remaining creator to return to attempt to fix the mess which was left behind.
Never realising that the humans themselves will one day be Gods because they were given free will in the first place and should ascend to this hight of power as if we are created in the image then surely we can be as they are.