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Monday, 26 August 2013

Sorting out the spare room I found....

I was tidying, generally trying to make this house more of a house and less of a living room, a kitchen an area to sleep and then just masses of storage space. I am a bit of a collector and I collect lots and am trying to get this all sorted.
I found my Collage file though, when I say collage file I mean the random poems, art work, ideas and designs I put together when I was in collage. Just to give my brain something to deal with other than the sciences I was studying. So in no order or any memorable reason I am now going to put them all here.

These were written a long long time ago. Mainly things floating around my head, they have no bearing or reaction to anything going on in my life then or now.
Though I will say I am rather profoundly odd at predicting things that are going to happen in my life years before they happen. I shall post them in their own posts. As some are very long.
(really wish I had dated these)