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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Is rock dead? Shouldn't the question is music dead?

In response to this massive blog. I say response I have been asking this questions myself for a while.

Music changes, it expands it retracts it adjusts and it alters, through time we have seen the singing of choirs in worship of deities, we have had the renaissance of Mozart and the likes, we have seen the rise of all manner of musical forms, which lead back from folk tales in song form, to the swinging 20's, 30's, 40's and so on to rock and roll of the 60's on to the metal in the 70's punk dragged us kicking and screaming into the 80's, we traversed the 90's with a mix of techno and rave before it moved into house music, and the new generation of rock came with it on the other side of the fence, we came across to the turn of the century and we were leveled by Nu Metal and Emo the baby sibling of the 80's goth generation. Though the haze of the memory kind of distorted what we got a little, the genre fractured into such a massive plethora of varying styles and types, no longer was there just rock, metal and punk, we got the cores, grind core, hard core, and so on.

With all these changes through music though came technological advances. Bards no longer wandering singing of things they had seen in the other village, going to the grand concert halls to see a full orchestra play the latest compositions from the great writers, as history moved forwards and technology advances, speakers, microphones, tech getting smaller allowing it to be positioned easier and faster, expanding the range of places music could be performed and we end up with the music festivals, and stadium performances of the bands we wanted to see.

An then we have this whole melancholy to see the greats. The bands that inspired the next generation of bands, of course they are still alive and with us though ageing because we grow old.

The line that makes me question within said blog was.

"Ginger Wildheart posted similar sentiments days after the Sonisphere headliners were announced. “It would appear that rock music is finally on the machine that goes bing,” he wrote. “The revolving door of (fewer than 10) worthy festival headliners indicates, to me anyway, that we have outlived the era of ‘big rock’.

I do love Ginger for his honesty and bluntness, though I can't agree with this, yes while there are possibly as few as 10 large festival bands left who can pull this off, no festival is pushing newer bands to the top spot. Download 2014 in the UK this year is giving Avenge Seven fold a shot at it though and while I am not a massive fan of them, and am unsure they really deserve it yet it is a step in the right direction, an while we have the staple of linkin park and aerosmith as well headlining it does make me as why is no one else taking the risk like this?

While the bands of the 70's and 80's still want to play it could be time to start allowing the 90's bands of which there are very few to take to the top spot and with this move a modern decade band the ability to try and show they are able to show a festival crowd there ability to wow the world.

While the record industry is on its arse due to the demise of the record store and the labels not wanting to push albums as you can record it and get rid of it online with out ever having to press a record, CD, tape! if you are old enough to remember the 8 track then them too. (I'm not)

An yes I have gone a lot of topic with this, but there are so many reasons for it, because it is such a wide topic to cover, the death of rock. The death of music. These are things that will never truly die, thy just go underground. We love music, I can't think of anyone that does not listen to music in one form or another.
Be it the clubbers, the guys in the pub or anywhere else, we use music to tell us stories, we use music to make us feel, to give us a beat to dance to and to share with friends. We talk about bands, we are even very set in our ways about who we like. We fight for the bands we care about we scream and shout in time with them when we see them play, we sing along and we learn the lyrics because they are singing for us and we want to sing along.

Even the one direction fans, the wanted fans and the other Canadian idiot, who I can't be bothered to name.
They buy their music they learn the songs and they watch them on all manner of media. Just like the metal heads, the rockers and the punks among us. But we get festivals, because Alternatives stand together cause we always stand out.

So yeah the bands think rock is dead, but they won't stop playing, they think festivals are going down the pan, well they aren't we still want to see you play, we still want to be entertained and we will keep buying what you let us hear.

But they have to keep working and while the greats and the classics are reaching retirement hahaha no rocker ever retires. The next generation need to pick up the gauntlet and run with it, an yeah there is only a finite number of rifts and notes, but there is a massive dictionary of words out there.

Thrashers, thrash, grungers grunge, metal heads JUMP, rockers rock and punks... Yeah put down the flaming dustbin.........

Music isn't dead, it just needs to accept that it needs to be bigger once more and take back what is rightfully it's. The fans.

Thoughts of a 34 year old never giving up never giving in metal head. . . . . . . . . . .