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Saturday, 21 November 2009


Some thing I swore I would never do was sign up to a blog, and start writting one.
I know I probably will forget about it and eventualy move on.
But for now I'm here to do some ranting raveing and rambling.
I used to run an MSN community called fallens village, it lasted for many many years till MSN decided they would no longer be having them. This then moved to Multi erm multi I dont know where it went I know it is still there though. I just cant remember where here is.
In my normal bordom and depression which can take me to very intresting places from time to time, I though sod it and decided to set this up. Was either that or continue to enjoy Sir Paul mcCartney playing on the BBC Children in need thing on BBC 3, which Im going to do any way but still I wanted to write alot.
Now I used to be very secretive sand keep things to myself and hide the person that I am from view, while making comments on things around me and so on. Never giving out much info on me.
Guess what thats probably not going to change.
I am likely to ramble about society from time to time I do that and maybe occasionaly give my thoughts on a world gone wrong, have ago about customers dismantel companies and generaly rant more than any thing.
Maybe I will write some thing about me one day maybe I wont, its all generaly down to how my mood takes me when Im in here.
Yeah I babble yes I ramble but I get there in the end.
So here is my OMG I joined a blog and from there maybe a blog I want to write when I decide the time comes.