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Saturday, 21 November 2009

presently in the 1st day of...

Blogg's or blogging does it have 1 g or 2? I dont know in my head it should be Blog, not Blogg.
I dont know, Im trying to work out if I care, Im sure some one will fill me in eventualy.
Internets full of people with thoughts Im sure some one will give me one.

Right Gingerbread flavoured coffee rules.

My Job Sucks.

People can be nice.

Most customers arent.

General my feeling of the last few days are simple.
1: I need to finish writing my book.
2: I need to find a new job.
3: Why dont companies ever get back to you even just to say thanks for intrest but not intrested.
4: Why am I watching TV Im not a fan of TV.
5: Do fantasy creaturs have to be what we belive them to be?
6: Yeah there is a 6 but its personal.
7: So is 7.
8: Hmm I might set up a blog.
9: How do you actualy spell blogg.
10: Im writting a list.

You get the idea of where this is going slowly and badly.

right going, 23:21 got work in the morning and well generaly ah who cares.