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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Grand Theft Auto Five... You're probably sick of hearing about it already...

So, I spent a week putting off buying GTA5 on the grounds of GTA4 was annoying as hell. I just wanted to play do the story blow stuff up and not go on a date, not take my cousin out bowling, not play darts.
Well rock star listened, a bit anyway, couple of missions with in GTA 5 involve doing Yoga and playing Tennis, but they help to round out the story of what is going on and why certain things happen within the lives of the characters.
I could sit here and go off about how the game looks amazing, how the controls though slightly different work so well and how everything is pretty and all nicely built, but you have seen the photos, you have watched the videos you know what it looks like.

An while the map appears to be MASSIVE it's not. Either the cars have gotten faster and so the distances seem less or the distance really isn't that great in the first place.
The mission where you leave the outer town redneck trailer park and head round the mountains and back into Los Santos took minutes. Not lots of minutes a couple of minutes! I was expecting a 45 minute hike from one end of the world to the other, and yes you can walk, steal cars and so on to get around but every character has their own personal car which is great as usually when you jump to them they will be nearby...... Well you hope they are!

This is an ADULT game, it has gore, it as drugs, it has gunfights, it has you breaking laws and terrorising citizens... Wait that last bit hasn't happened, I have had random encounters which I have ignored which seem to be the stopping such and such robbing joe bloggs on the sidewalk, but as I have generally ignored these in order to carry on the story to see where it is going as it really has sucked me in quiet a lot I don't care about them, an yes there are filler missions, so sick of using the tow truck, but then you have the great cinematic missions, which really make GTA worthwhile.

As a grown up, I am 34 after all I know this is all story telling and totally enjoyment, I haven't spent a great amount of time outside of the story, yes I took Franklin to the firing range to improve his shooting skill (he really does suck) but that has been it if I am honest.

I just want to play the story. I really am engrossed with it, Rock Star have pulled off an amazing story, and yes I am missing out on playing golf, pool, tennis, rampages and races, but at this point in time all I want to do it live the lives of these characters and see where the world is taking them.
I won't give away to much here in the way of story as it is a well laid out one, from the opening mission to the point where I presently am and I am fairly sure I'm not even half way through!

Attention to detail with GTA and Rock Star in general is there. Slightly unimpressed with picking up ladies of ill repute and  being able to see a lot more than you used to be able to, why do you ask? I'm not a 13 year old boy for one, and for two I always liked the hinted a antics, I didn't really need to see her jumping up and down on my car seat with me under her, heck now it even gives you the ability to move the camera around so you can get a better view! Was that really needed? If you are a 13 year old boy you'll be saying yes! Though if you're a 13 year old boy you shouldn't be playing an 18 rated game should you!

An there is the thing it is an 18 rated game and with all the sex, drugs and lacking rock and roll you can understand why. I am unimpressed with the radio in this game it just don't seem to be as edgy, catchy or as funny as the previous games, it also seems to lack as wide a range of music. Yes it is a 2 DVD and install game just to make it run and yes the install is a whopping 8gb! Would it have been worth adding that 3rd DVD and putting in a decent soundtrack? I think yes, it is the only thing letting the game down.

Though it makes no difference, amazing story, beautiful graphics, some awesome special abilities for each of the characters and a long way to go till I'm finished. GTA5 really don't need reviews, we were all sold on the opening cinematic we saw earlier in the year. An as the hottest selling series of all time. Yeah it is we all know it Rock Star do GTA and they do it so damn well.