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Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Fall of Taurs. A Story from Herenkoa. (WIP)

The Great City of Taurs spread across the deserts of the south, glistening in the light of the sun, built upon the back breaking labour of the Clan Minos. Its wall grew high, and once the room was taken downwards the went into the sands.
The surface was harsh, sand storms destroyed crops and livestock alike, there was a plan, build under the divert the river and then build in the dark beneath the storms.
This Labyrinth of  corridors and tunnels was erected under the land, the streams diverted and controlled to move water under ground along the passageways, bringing fresh water to the live stock and allowing the open chambers to grow crops with in. Raising a wall around the city also helped protect its inhabitants from the restless bombardment of sand crashing across the city, with walling the city and the winds and sand then down was the only option. Tunneling expanded many died in creation of these underground abodes. Yet they pushed and they pushed to build.